Join The JSHealth Community In Supporting A Good Cause


When it comes to JSHealth, one thing that I’m most proud of is the strong and loyal community we’ve created over the last five years. Seeing the way the JSHealth girls support one another every single day gives me endless fulfilment and gratification.

I started JSHealth because I wanted to be of service. I felt that women needed to feel supported in reclaiming their health and their lives. I never imagined it would have the success it has had – especially because there was never an intention for ‘success’. I’ve always focused on the community and the message. Each day, I’m inundated with messages from this beautiful community. There are so many women expressing gratitude for the role that JSHealth has played in their lives. To this day, it’s the community that lights me up – not the ‘growth’ of the brand and business.

I feel incredibly fortunate and blessed but I know that deep down, I have more to give. I feel that it’s my duty to do something big that will touch the lives of thousands more people. Together, I believe that the JSHealth community and I can do some seriously magical things. I’ve thought long and hard about how we can give back. I researched a variety of charities and volunteering opportunities, and the Sydney Children’s Hospital really spoke to my heart.

The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation has a vision to ensure that every child can access world-class medical care whenever they need it. To help this wonderful charity, I’ve set up a JSHealth donation initiative. The funds raised will go towards helping children who are desperately in need. The money donated will help to:

  • Fund new equipment, technology and training that gives health professionals the leading edge
  • Help support art, music, play and education activities so that children can have some fun rather than always focusing on being sick
  • Improve physical spaces by funding refurbishments and new buildings to create a positive healing environment and increase the hospital’s capacity
  • Fund ground-breaking research and the positive transformation of clinical care and support at the hospital

The JSHealth team will be donating a monthly sum to this charity. Donate as little or as much as you wish. We will keep you updated on where the funds are at and how they are helping. Every dollar you donate can seriously help in incredible ways. You can access the link to the JSHealth fund here.

Let’s come together and make magic. As I have always said, what you give always comes back. I also believe that giving is such a huge part of living a healthy life.

Thank you for being such an incredible part of this community.




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