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Often binges happen when people get home from work/school/uni. You’re feeling totally exhausted, depleted and stressed and food is the best way to comfort that. I see this in my clients who are prone to dieting – often they think they’re doing themselves a favour by skipping meals or snacks. Instead, they’re simply starving when they arrive home to their fridge/pantry. This usually happens in the later afternoon/evening.


The trick is – never allow yourself to get too hungry to the point of not being able to control yourself with food. I personally never ever let myself get to that stage because I prioritise in between meals snacks that are protein rich which also help keep my blood sugar levels nice and stable, decreasing cravings and sudden hunger pangs.


Binges also happen as a result of ‘self-punishment’ when you feel you aren’t good enough for various reasons. It can also be due to just not ‘eating perfectly enough’ – you may have set your standards of eating too high? So when you ‘break your rules’ and eat imperfectly you actually binge out of self-punishment. I get you.


The first step is to change your mindset…


It helps so much to know that your next meal/snack is coming soon – this is why I suggest you always carry healthy snacks with you and commit to a 4-5pm snack EVERY afternoon that is protein rich. Some of my faves are: raw nuts, carrot sticks with hummus/tahini, boiled egg, protein balls, Greek yoghurt with cinnamon and seeds.


Don’t skip meals – it never ends up working. Most of the time you overeat at your next meal. Noticed that?


You can break this vicious cycle by making a commitment to give up dieting for life. Give up restriction and deprivation and commit to a wholefood diet with balance. This is the only eating plan that works long term. Throw away those diet books.




My final tip is to treat yourself… Actually allow yourself indulgences. Indulgences keep you on track. You think you doing yourself a favour by telling yourself you can NEVER have anything ‘naughty’ and sadly it backfires – because when you get your hands on something indulgent – you absolutely can’t help but overeat or binge on it because you have deprived yourself of it for so long. This is why I recommend enjoying 1-2 treats a week – with portion control and eating with pure joy. Your body loves it! Guilt only adds stress to your body. Then commit to eating well 80% of the time. Your body thrives on balance.


Let me know how you go xo

Click here to download a PDF version of my 5-Step Anti-Binge Guide

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