The JSHealth Business – How I Grew A Business Out Of Passion

The JSHealth brand started very organically – I never planned for it to become a full-time business outside of my nutrition clinic.


It all started when I began studying health and nutrition for 5 years, learning about the body in such an in depth way was my trigger to change. I started blogging about my own health journey in my 4th year of study with a very candid approach. Prior to my studies, I didn’t have a very healthy relationship with food and my body.  During these years of study, slowly, I started healing this relationship and sharing it with my online community.


There are so many amazing nutrition courses now available as well as business courses to support building a business in this industry – here are some good options!


I remember sitting in my nutrition lectures learning about the powerful effects of food on the body and feeling completely amazed by it. I still am.


I started making healthier choices and created space for balance in my life – and my body (and life) starting healing.


What started as a diary of my nutrition-school discoveries became a source of community for women going through similar struggles. I would share my wholesome recipes, nutritional advice and personal experience with food and my body through blog posts and eventually, released my first e-book with unexpected success.
Following the popularity of the blog and e-book, I was lucky enough to be contacted by a publishing house who would go on to publish my first book, The Healthy Life, in 2015.


I truly have my years of study to thank for this.  Without the knowledge I learnt during that time, I wouldn’t have been able to inspire my community with well researched solid information – which they so appreciated. This is why I really do encourage people to study nutrition if they want to make it a career. I recently discovered that TAFE NSW offers nutritionhealth and business courses you can do online. I am currently looking into doing the business course to extend my knowledge to help me to continue building the JSHealth brand.


I really do believe the knowledge is power. The health industry has become an overcrowded industry – it is hard to know which information we should be listening to – with so many nutritionists, health coaches and health bloggers out there! I truly feel that what set me apart from the beginning was that I had the years of studies under my belt (where I learnt so much about the body, food, nutrition and business.)


The past few months have been a whirlwind. From developing the JSHealth brand, creating new recipes for the blog, appearing at events all over world, trying to create our own product, writing my second book (Living the Healthy Life) and online program – it’s been a crazy, exhilarating ride and proves just how much opportunity is in the health industry….


JSHealth has become a full time job and business. It’s a place for women to come together and support each other. We listen carefully to our community – through their comments on social media and emails, and then we create content based on what they need more of, we don’t look around and compare ourselves to others in the industry either. It’s a very simple and powerful formula that really works.


Today, the blog has created a community which I am so proud of.


I have only ever focused on the people – never the numbers. I genuinely care about my community and they can feel it.


For those looking for a career change or for anyone returning to the workforce, it’s not too late to be in a career you love, start your own business or relaunch your career.


Click here to find out more!


These are the things I believe can take a brand from passion to business.

  • Aim to get a Diploma, Advanced Diploma or degree in nutrition – a short course often isn’t enough as there is simply too much to know. Like this one!
  • There are some amazing online learning course available that allows for flexibility for people with busy lives/schedules. Here are some great options!
  • It really helps to have some business sense and skills – get these skills here!
  • Be consistent with your content sharing – keep your community engaged with amazing content that helps them in their lives.
  • Listen to your community closely – they will tell you what they need more of – and create content according to what they enjoy/need more of.
  • Start a blog/website that has an important message and don’t sway from that message.
  • Your intention has to be pure – you have to actually care about your community and how you can help them to live a healthier life. Dollars cannot be the only things on your mind.
  • Share content across a blog, social media and newsletters.
  • Be in a career you love because then you are willing to put in the extra hours you need to for it to be successful. TAFE NSW has some amazing career options with flexible study schedules – there are over 1,200 courses from certificates to degrees. Find out more here!


If you are interested in studying health, nutrition or business, ENROL NOW. BE AMBITIOUS


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