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The JSHealth L.A. Guide Part 1: The Best Smoothies, Workout Classes & More!

27 July 2017
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LA – this is the place to go for an injection of wellness.


With a new yoga studio and healthy café popping up on every corner now, it is hard to keep up. For me as a nutritionist and self-confessed health nut, it is an absolute thrill to be in LA right now.


Health has become a religion for many Californians, not just a trend – this is really becoming their way of life. Of course there is the other side of LA (and America!) that is all about the fast food, parties and sugar addiction… Beware! However, if you are seeking health inspiration – look no further. LA is your place.


Best smoothie bar?


Life House Tonic Bar: This place has my nutritionist tick of approval. The smoothies are carefully formulated to contain various herbs and nutritious superfoods that will make you feel AMAZING. They also contain low to moderate amounts of natural sugar unlike most store bought smoothies – they actually taste delicious! You have to try their Chaga Choc Chip smoothie made from reishi mushroom, almond butter, cinnamon, cacao nibs, maca, sea salt and a natural sweetener. Totally tastes like choc chip!




Erewhon – try the Green Choc Chip smoothie bowl. You will thank me later.


Beaming Smoothie Bar – their green smoothies are divine! Love the ‘Knocked Up’ smoothie which contains greens, banana, plant protein, chia, avocado, almond milk and cinnamon. Delicious. You may not believe it is even healthy… It is that delicious. Their acai bowl is divine too.



Earth Bar – love their Muscle Up smoothie and Flaxs Master smoothie. Great vibe – it is SO LA!



Best Workout Class?


Y7 Yoga – imagine doing yoga to Jay Z and Beyoncé in a candle lit room surrounded by an infrared sauna. Imagine no more! This place is for real. This place has a serious vibe. Find yoga boring and ‘still’ – this will change your mind. I suspect this will become the hottest yoga trend in LA. I love how they take the mirrors out of the room to avoid self-judgement during the practice.


Equinox – Sexy and Sceney. It can be pricey to get a membership – but well worth it. The classes are the best in the city. It’s easily the best gym in LA. I love the yoga classes taught by Carolina Goldberg. I love the ‘Rockin Model’ Workout too – the name says it all. It is a dance class created by a former model. This one will make you feel like you have been working out in a dance club! So much fun.


Best Health Retreat?


Rancho La PuertaThis is the GO TO health retreat in California – located just outside of California (San Diego) – a 2-3-hour drive from LA.
It has become an institution. It has been around for nearly 70 years. Your day includes hiking, a morning of holistic activities, delicious cleansing meals, spa treatments and rest time by the pool. To read my full review, click here!



Best café for a healthy breakfast?


Backyard bowls – DELICIOUS acai smoothie bowls and oatmeal bowls. I always go for the Power Bowl with gluten free granola. Try my own Açai bowl recipe here!




Harvest Café in Santa Monica: For a proper Aussie breakfast! Order the Rad Bowl or the quinoa breakfast bowl!



Paramount Coffee Project: DELICIOUS Avo Smash! Order the ‘AVOCADO ON TOAST’ with cucumber, hazelnut, chervil, lime, aleppo pepper, seeded toast. Great coffee too!


Best coffee?


Blue Bottle: My personal favourite. It is quite strong. I order a cortado which is similar to a piccolo.




Comoncy in Beverly Hills: best coffee in Beverly Hills.


Alfred’s Melrose Place: a serious scene and vibe. Love taking my laptop there to do my morning emails with a coffee and chia pudding.



Best place for a healthy lunch?


Zinque café: DELICIOUS AND TRENDY. Love the ambiance there. I love the: Le Bowl / brown rice, avocado, tom, arugula, comte, cilantro, sriracha.


Sweetgreens Salad Bar: the freshest salad bar around. Easy and quick. I make up a salad as I go.




Café Gratitudeif you are after cleansing plant based food – this is your place. I loved the ‘Welcome Bowl’, Brussels sprouts side and turmeric latte for dessert.




La Scala: the BEST chopped salads – pricey but delicious! This is a Hollywood scene – old school and consistent. I love the turkey chopped salad without the cheese and I add extra veggies.


Erewhon: Amazing salad bar and pre-made warm foods to enjoy.


Best healthy sushi?


Shojin: Just get the Dynamite rolls and you will thank me later. This place is all vegetarian/vegan and HEALTHY! They use brown rice and all gluten free sauces. You will be blown away.


Best place for healthy snacks?


I adore the Beauty Bars from Erewhon.

I always pick up kale chips and almonds from Kreation for on the go.


Stay tuned for Part 2 – my fave healthy dinner spots, hotel recommendations and more! x

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