The JSHealth Program Changing Lives & Bodies – more than I could ever have anticipated!

I’ve been in the health industry for quite a few years now and I truly have never seen transformation like this, ever.


When I was practicing as a nutritionist, I saw just how much people struggle to LIVE the healthy life. 


People are time poor, dealing with low energy and self esteem, poor digestion and find it really hard to find the motivation to keep up the ‘work’ that the healthy life requires. I get you.


 How can you be expected to live the healthy life when you are utterly exhausted and hating on your body every time you look at it? It is too hard. 


I will never forget those days where I would sit in clinic and see the pain and struggle in the eyes of these women. This is what motivated me to create the blog in the first place. I needed to show these women there was another way, a better way.


These women had often disconnected from their bodies. Their struggle with weight and body image would wreck their entire lives.  They had developed a very emotionally toxic relationship with food as a result.


I understood them, because I was the same.


Five years of studying and ten years of therapy provided me with the tools and techniques to create a new formula that began healing my own body and relationship with food. 


This is the formula that started to help these women too.


 These women would return to my clinic with their sparkle back and a new found love and respect for their bodies. This is what inspired me to write my 8-week program.


I basically took all my health principles and techniques that I believed were the most powerful triggers for change and transformation then added them to my Program in a way that was digestible, practical and sustainable.


See, this Program digs deep. It is not just another health/nutrition program. This program is actually shifting people’s mindsets which is the formula for long lasting change and physical transformation.


Below are some of the people experiencing life changing transformation on my 8 week program. Read – Truly mind blowing!
Jess x


“I’m feeling on top of the world this morning thanks to your Program! I’m so happy, have so much energy and am so excited to be alive! I’m on Week 7 and I can’t wait to do the Program all over again! Thank you!”


“Since discovering your Program, my whole outlook on food, eating and life has changed. I’ve never been happier or more relaxed. I enjoy my food. My mind is happy. My skin is clear and glowing. I love my body!”


“I’m at the end of Week 5 and I have lost 6kg. Which is totally unexpected because I didn’t start this Program to actually lose weight (but to feel better!).”


“I’m in Week 4 of the program and have already seen a huge change. I’m not thinking and stressing about food anymore but eating intuitively instead. I’ve also cut back the high intensity exercise and doing more yoga and walking. I think lowering my stress, even though I didn’t feel stressed before, is having an impact on my body letting go of those fat reserves.”


“I just wanted to let you know I think you’ve changed the way my picky kids are eating! They devoured broccoli mash, spinach and chicken for supper! That has never happened! Thank you for your brilliant recipes!”


“What I love most is how your Program touches on every aspect of wellbeing in such a refreshing and sustainable way. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent and I know I will use it as my wellbeing bible forever more! I used to obsess endlessly about food and working out to the point that it was occupying way too much of my thoughts. Since starting your Program I feel so much more relaxed.”


“Wow I have managed to drop 8kg since following your Program! I don’t crave or even think negatively about food anymore! It doesn’t control me! I have never felt so happy and whole in myself.”


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