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We Recommend: The JSHealth 8-week Program

Both the JSHealth App and Program are great to help kickstart your journey to living the healthy life, however... To fit your goals and current habits, we would recommend starting with the program!

The 8-week program is a very in-depth online program that guides you through the JSHealth principles week by week. The program is specifically designed to help find you quit fad diets and find balance with food and your life.

This online program will help you find balanced weight and reach your health goals over an 8-week period.

The JSHealth program can be accessed via a laptop or desktop and is very supportive, transformational and guided with specific recipes and weekly tasks.

The program is more of a life transformation guide and suits people who love structure and need a push!

See this review from a program user:


"Today I weighed myself for the first time in 7 months because of a health check with discovery. Not only did I learn I am 14kgs down but I am also beyond healthy with blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure! I have NEVER felt this amazing. Thank you Jess. Again and again for supporting me to change my life in a sustainable, kind and loving way"

We Recommend: The JSHealth Nutrition App

Both the JSHealth App and Program are great to help continue or kickstart your journey to living the healthy life, however... To fit your lifestyle and goals, we would recommend downloading the JSHealth Nutrition App!

The app is a very user-friendly experience that offers total flexibility, keeping you easily on track to your health goals from day to day. The app contains a world-first nutrition clinic, where you can text a nutritionist any time, access 52 different health guides, hundreds of recipes, body love tips, a daily tracker and so much more. It’s the perfect way busy and on-the-go people can live the JSHealth life.

See this review from a program user:


“What an absolute treat. It’s only been a week and I am already making better decisions with ease and being conscious of my food choices instead of feeling restricted and stressed. The immediate advice from the nutritionists is thorough and thoughtful. The recipes are so so simple and easy to follow. They have all turned out exactly as they should. I’ve been given the energy to get back to the gym and turn my health around. My partner loves it too!!!”