JSHealth Swaps for Easy Dinner Sides

This post WILL make your life easier! I’m all about creating healthy swaps for you favourite foods and lately, you guys have been asking for some easy veggie sides! So here are my fave dishes…


Instead of white rice… Try my Cauliflower Rice!


If there is one recipe I come back to time and time again – it’s this one. My classic cauliflower rice. So simple. So quick. And so much better for you than a white rice alternative. Try adding it to a side of grilled protein or instead of rice in your favourite rice dish! Yum!




Instead of potato mash… Try my Sweet Potato Mash!


A delicious warming side that goes so well with chicken/lamb/fish/lentils. Yum! Full of nutrients and antioxidants.


weet potato mash


Instead of pasta… Try my Zucchini Pasta!


This is the ultimate winter comfort meal – hearty without the heavy feeling afterwards! Full of good-for-you veggies and lentils, which are particularly rich in dietary fibre, folate, iron and are the perfect meat-free protein source.


lentil ragu


Want more? Some other JSHealth classic sides:



My book, The Healthy Life, is full of these easy recipes (including my to-die-for Broccoli Mash!) – find out more here xx

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