How I Learnt To Be Flexible With Food


This week I wanted to share a big part of my food philosophy with you. It’s all about learning to be a flexible eater, not a super-strict eater.

You do not need to eat perfectly, exercise perfectly, and follow every health rule with perfection. This is the OPPOSITE of healthy, as it creates stress in the mind and body.

The body listens to what we do most of the time, not sometimes.

To have a healthy relationship with food, you have to give yourself a little freedom and leeway.

You have to be flexible.

The goal is to listen to your appetite and feed your body what it needs. Ultimately, it’s to eat beautiful, natural wholefoods. But sometimes, you won’t have access to healthy foods (like when you’re travelling), and that’s okay. Just do your best with the choices available to you.

Personally, I eat super cleanly 80% of the time, and indulge for the other 20%. Some days, I do a HIIT workout, and on others, I’m too lazy to exercise.

I encourage balance. It’s not only healthy – but it’s really the only way to live.

Can you aim to be flexible with food from now on? This week, have a go at using some of the JS recipes to map out your healthy meals, while allowing some wriggle room to indulge once or twice. For example, I love indulging in gelato and wine on Saturday nights – and I feel zero guilt about it.



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