Let Go Of The Guilt – Be Kind

You can’t put pressure on yourself to make healthy choices every time. Sometimes you will fall and eat something imperfect.




For many people, the ‘what if’ and the “coulda/woulda/shoulda” thoughts revolve around food.


What if I ate slower?

What if I ate better last night?

What if I was vegan – would I have less cellulite?

I shouldn’t have eaten that frozen yoghurt.

I shouldn’t have had that glass of wine.

I should have gone to the gym instead of sleeping in.


You did it, but it’s now in the past. Don’t beat yourself up. If you can learn something from it, like eating slower next time, that’s great. Make a little note to yourself that you’ll put your fork down in between each bite at the next meal. BE KIND. Stop beating yourself up – it’s not healthy!


Look ahead, not behind.


See, guilt thoughts around food/body/weight manifest into physical stress (high cortisol levels!) which actually makes weight much harder to control. High cortisol is linked to lower mood, lower energy, poor sleep and blood sugar imbalances – hello cravings!


Healthy living does not mean perfect eating. Nutritionists don’t even eat perfectly.


Healthy living means commit to eating week 80-90% of the time – because it makes you FEEL GOOD. And then allowing there to be indulgence with moderation. The body thrives off this from personal and clinical experience. But we have to work on letting go of guilty thoughts/feelings when we do indulge and seeing this as a holistic balanced lifestyle.


When we restrict and deprive with food – this mostly ends up in overeating/bingeing or extreme diet habits. So I have learnt that giving ourselves permission to enjoy indulgent foods is the key to a long term healthy diet – it just needs to be done moderately and mindfully.


Learn from your mistakes, take the lessons on board to better yourself, and then… let them go.


Aaaaaah. Do you feel relieved?


Start using positive affirmations to release the guilt, “My body is able to metabolise and digest the food. I commit to balance, not perfection”. This is my personal mantra. My 8-week program can show you exactly how to do this – find out more here.

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