The JSHealth Movement: You Won’t Believe These Testimonials!

I love sharing these incredible transformations from the JSHealth Program with you. These superstars have changed their lives and their health and I could not be prouder or happier!


“I’ve always failed when following diets but this isn’t a diet it’s a lifestyle change and that’s why I’ve stuck to it! I’ve gone from 117kg, and this week weighed in at 100kg! 4-5 work outs per week plus following your book and now the 8-week program has achieved this! Thank you so much!”


“Dinner is now an enjoyable time and something I look forward to. I’m enjoying cooking so much – it makes me feel great that I can have a delicious, healthy meal ready when my hubby gets home from work. He used to do a lot of the cooking and is feeling completely spoilt too! We are both so much happier for it.”


“I’m at the end of Week 7 of your program and it has to be the best thing I have committed myself to in regards to my health and well being. I have always eaten well but at times just struggled with binge eating and then depriving myself; low self esteem followed and it became this pattern that I just couldn’t shake. During the last 7 weeks I have felt AMAZING!”


“The biggest change you have helped me with is to heal my disordered relationship with food. I put my scale away about 6 weeks ago and have been eating for nutrition and my body’s well-being rather than counting every calorie. And it feels so good!”


“Jess, I’m on Week 4 and this menu structure you’ve done has made this SO SO SO DAMN EASY for me now! I literally feel even less anxious because it’s planned out and just so easy to navigate! Excited! Thank you thank you thank you!”


“So, I know you shouldn’t focus on the scales however, I weighed in this morning and have lost 3.3 kilograms since starting the Program. I can’t thank you enough Jess!”




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