Lose those stubborn kilos for summer

The weather is starting to warm up in Australia and bikini season is just around the corner! Here are some of my favourite ways to ease our bodies out of our natural winter hibernation. Even if you’re on the other side of the world, these are still some great tips to try out during the winter so you’re summer ready for next year.

Remember – don’t try to overhaul your lifestyle all at once! Pick a few things from each section and make small, meaningful changes.

Healthy Habits 

  • Go into the Stress Free Zone every day- when we give our bodies permission to relax, our liver is able to break down fats as opposed to dealing with excess and unnecessary stress hormones.
  • Try introducing supplements that support weight loss, such as B complex, chromium or Garcinia. Ask a health practitioner for dosage guidance specific to your needs.
  • Aim to move your body for around 30 minutes each day. Don’t make this a chore! Go for a morning walk with your girlfriends, try out a yoga or pilates class, or take advantage of the warmer weather and go for a refreshing swim. Remember to include some resistance training, as it’s an important way to keep your muscle.

Mealtime Tips 

  • Don’t skip breakfast! Make sure you have a meal rich in protein to keep you satisfied. Eggs with sautéed veggies or a Power Protein Smoothie are my favs.
  • Reduce your intake of dairy, as it can have an inflammatory affect on the body and lead to unwanted bloating. A little organic Greek yoghurt is good, but avoid over-consuming milk and cheese. Try swapping to nut-based alternatives such as my Tahini dressing or different milks such as unsweetened almond milk, rice milk or coconut milk.
  • Reduce your carbohydrate intake (especially at dinner time) as well as going gluten free. Swap breads, potatoes, pastas for gluten-free wholegrain alternatives like quinoa and brown rice.
  • Be snack-wise. Opt for protein-rich snacks, particularly around 3-4pm so that you avoid over-eating at dinner. Try veggie sticks with hummus, protein shakes, homemade protein bliss balls or Greek yoghurt with cinnamon.
  • Eat your veggies! Half of your plate should be veggies at every meal
  • Go easy with salad dressings and sauces. A simple way to do this is to ask for them on the side and to try and stick to healthy condiments.
  • Be careful with the nuts – just a small handful a day is plenty. Whilst they’re high in nutrients, keeping everything in moderation is key.

Stay hydrated! 

  • Cut the alcohol completely! It’s dehydrating and bloating. Your body’s ‘hangover’ response is a natural cry for help, as your liver is now struggling to detoxify a dehydrated body.
  • Drink water all day to allow your body to detox toxins. Add lemon to alkalize your body too.
  • Keep it to 1 coffee per day. A great alternative is Dandelion root tea, which has the same bitter taste but is caffeine free and can be served with coconut milk and honey.
  • Drinking a green juice daily also helps alkalize your body. If you’re not used to the taste, adding watermelon or apple (or mango if it’s a smoothie) can add some extra sweetness.


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