Meet My Mentor, Layla

For those of you who follow my blog, you will have noticed I speak about this lady very often, Layla!! She is very close to my heart and I am so excited to be introducing you to her. She has a light that surrounds her and anyone who meets her feels very grateful to be in her presence. I do!

Layla and I recently got back from Bali together as some of you know. Our dream is to work together and help mothers and families embrace healthy living.

We first met in January 2012 while studying nutrition. Her passion to work with children and families to improve their health immediately drew me to her as I share the same passion. I could see there was something very special and unique about Layla.

I now call Layla a second mother, a best friend and my go to health person, especially when it comes to my nutrition questions. Her nutritional knowledge is outstanding and I am so grateful to be able to learn from her. Layla is of Middle Eastern decent and was brought up making all of her own foods from scratch. Her health philosophy is simple and it works! Just stick to whole-foods. Eat real food. Organic where possible. She challenges all modern day food processes and gets saddened by how little access we have to real food these days.

If you just take one glance at her, you just know she has gotten it right. She is almost 40 years old and a mother of two and let me tell you, she looks 19!!!

She is a prime example of a someone who really walks her talk! She lives and breathes what she preaches. She exudes health and vitality and she will tell you, “Food heals all”.

Each week Layla will share with us her top nutrition tips. Next week she will share, ‘ The Importance of Water’.

Some of Layla’s Nutrition Principals:

Breathe- Take a few deep belly breathes throughout the day (especially in time of stress)

Drink– Spring or filtered water. I start my day with 2 glasses of water to rehydrate my body. After long hours of sleep the body gets dehydrated.

Eat– Whole foods. What mother nature has to offer. eat foods as close their natural state before they become highly processed. Buy local and organic produce where possible.

Sleep– 8 hours a night. Go to bed before 10pm. Turn off all bright lights, computers, phones before bed. These lights disturb our pineal gland- where melatonin is made. Turn on a salt lam, slow down, read and take a few deep breathes prior to bed time. Sleep is so important and needed for the body to regenerate and give you energy for the next day.

Think– Replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Try it and watch the changes that will occur in your life. It is magical. What you think, you will get.

And  don’t forget to smile!!

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  • Francesca

    Layla’s salmon frittata at the healthy habits luncheon was so incredible! Are we able to know the recipe for it?

  • What an inspiring and beautiful woman!


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