Finding Body Love With The JSHealth Program

Nothing makes me happier than seeing how my JSHealth girls are thriving off the 8-week Program. From improved mood to better digestion, hormone balancing and reduced sugar cravings, I’m constantly blown away by the phenomenal transformations and testimonials. Here’s one that made me smile.

8-week Program testimonial:

“Two weeks in and this program is already changing my life. I am fully conscious of how I feel now, whereas before, I was living fast, without focus and never feeling like my feet were on the ground. It is helping me to stop judging myself and to start being myself. With some very small changes to my routine and helping manage my stress, I now feel at home in my body. It is amazing what I was doing to myself before. It was so unkind! I’m now able to manage the anxiety and guilt around food by following my food rituals and seeing flexibility as necessary. I have a whole new respect for myself, my body and who I actually am. I trust my body and I feel I am looking after it – starting from the top down.”

To learn more or sign up to my 8-week Program, click here.

With love,

Jess xx

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