My Amazing ‘Hello Chef’ Dinner!

Last month I was lucky enough to have the team at ‘Hello Chef’ host an intimate dinner party in my home for my fiance, team, sister and I.

As the chef in my own home, it was a refreshing change to be sat down and have a three course meal prepared and served, without having to lift a finger. What a treat!

Hello Chef is a network that connect Chefs and diners across Australia. Australians can now hire their favourite top Chef to prepare restaurant quality food in their homes.

How it works:

1. Choose a menu you like for your event

2. Enquire with the Chef about dates, availabilities and any special dietary needs

3. Confirm booking by making payment. Done!

Hello Chefs will be responsible for:

  • menu creation
  • sourcing ingredients
  • prepping and cooking the food
  • cleaning up all surfaces they have used

After consulting with the ‘Hello Chef’ team, the below menu was created, prepared and served to us by the fantastic Lucia Del Prete.

Entrée: Raw cucumber and coconut yoghurt soup with walnuts and flaxseed oil with almond bruschetta with rosemary and black salt served with strawberry and black olive topping


Main: Baked barramundi in dukka and quinoa flakes crust with lemon, coriander and coconut oil. Served with sautéed Kale


Side dish: Red cabbage and carrots slaw with apple cider and coconut amino sauce dressing served with sliced avocado

Salad: Red cabbage, kale, parsley, spring onion, mint, carrot, roasted macadamia and apple cider dressing


Dessert: Dark chocolate and beetroot individual brownie served with home made orange dairy/gluten/sugar free sorbet



As a nutritionist and health nut it’s safe to say I am pretty picky, but I can honestly say the entire meal, from start to finish, was an absolute delight. The food was full of flavour and rich in diversity  – with each dish offering an exciting new taste and texture. There is just something so nice about enjoying restaurant quality dinning in the comfort of your own home. ‘Hello Chef’ was an absolute delight, and a service I will definitely be using in the future when I am just too busy to cook myself. Bring on the dinner parties!

Recipes for the above recipes will feature on the blog next week! Look out for them – so delicious!

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