My Detox Essentials

I recently completed my signature JSHealth Detox. A seasonal cleanse helps me to reset and recharge, and each time I learn a little more about my cravings and new essentials to help me thrive. I wanted to share some of my favourite detox tools with you, because I truly believe seasonal detoxing helps rid the body of excess toxins and will help your body function at its best.

Have you tried my cleanse? Give these goodies a try alongside it for optimal feel-good vibes!

Synergy Natural Chlorella tablets: Chlorella is the very best green superfood to support detoxification, alkalization and general immune system support.

Detox herbal formulas from These herbal formulas help the liver, gut, gall bladder, lymph and kidneys detox. I love the colon cleanse to give my gut a good clearing.

Turmeric capsules to decrease inflammation and aid detox.

Nuzest Pea Protein: The body needs protein to effectively cleanse, and this is the perfect detox-friendly protein powder that actually tastes good! I love their green powder too – amazing to enjoy during a cleanse.

Orchard Street Juices: Organic juice cleanses cold pressed with love and delivered to your door.

Mrs. Dash: A versatile blend of 14 herbs and spices – tons of flavour without the salt! Use it to enhance chicken, fish, vegetables and your favourite soups and salads.

Epsom salts: Found at most health food stores, these are a relaxing way to detox. Enjoy an Epsom salt bath 3 times a week by adding 2 cups of salt into the bath. It feels glorious!

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