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My Exercise Regime

12 August 2013
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My exercise philosophy…

Key word:  Active, that does not mean compulsively exercising 2x a day to ‘burn away’ your ‘diet sins’!  This is a seductive and prevailing psychology and one that is dangerous to genuine wellbeing. Science is telling us to exercise less, but smarter!

I’ve noticed people have listed the importance of exercise.  Good! because exercise is so important for the health of our cardiovascular system and amazing for the mind!  But don’t take it to the extreme. We are not designed to push our bodies to the limit, day after day. Yes, we must keep active but general movement, play and 2-3 times of 30 minutes interval training a week is in my opinion enough for our bodies to burn energy, keep hearts healthy and keep our metabolism at optimal level. When it comes to weight- I believe that 90% of it is about what you put into your mouth!

If we overdo it at the gym we exhaust our adrenals, which are a central part of our endocrine system-hormones.  Over training in this way depletes us, and leaves us hormonally unbalanced, releasing the stress hormone cortisol, (which enhances belly fat storage + blood sugar imbalance) which leads to fatigue, insomnia and musculoskeletal breakdown. An intense workout daily when you’re highly stressed can temporarily feel good, but then powerwash you with aches and fatigue.  Distress causes the body to go into crisis response: it cannibalizes muscle, stores fat, induces fatigue, introduces nerve pains, allows muscle strains, enables injures, exhibits anxiety and depression, impairs cognitive function, creativity and problem-solving, manifests flu-like illnesses and eventually fosters disease.  Why?  Because your body is smarter than you are.  It’s doing everything possible to make you tone it down, slow it down and recover.  And the longer you ignore its requests, the louder the demands will become.

Long term this can result in ‘sympathetic dominance’- “persistent condition wherein the sympathetic nervous system is active and the parasympathetic system nervous system is under active.” It is my belief that this is a huge part of why people cannot lose weight. This means your body is constantly in fight or flight mode. When your body is in this state of ‘trying to run away from the tiger’ (or modern day equivalent stress: financial, family or relationship struggles)– it will try and protect your body by sending the blood to the peripheral organs (legs, arms etc) and shutting of your digestion (because your body knows you need your legs to escape, not your digestion!), it will release glucose for energy (because the body’s preferred choice of energy is glucose, not fat) and shoots out cortisol – the stress hormone (long term this is the number one fat storage hormone as mentioned above)- this leads to a cascade of hormonal havoc. Hormonal imbalances will make it very hard for you to achieve the body you are wanting.

If you read my blog- you know that I harp on about the fact that exhaustion and stress are the number one health killers and weight gainers! It is crazy to me how so many people I meet decide to go to a spinning class at 8pm after a 12-hour day when their body is screaming at them to slow down and rest. BUT on that note- I will say that if spinning is what you feel like at this time and it genuinely revitalizes you and makes you feel good (and does not disturb your sleep!!!), then of course I encourage you to participate in it. But if you are exhausted and then you go and exhaust your body even more, it is my belief that you can expect a health disaster. And for most- weight gain.

I advise most people with very long hour jobs to enjoy restorative exercise most days after work or on the weekend, such as yoga, pilates, brisk walking and meditation would be your best options. Or simply lying with your feet up against the wall for 10 minutes to allow the blood to flow through your body and allow your body to rest and repair. When I advise people to cut back on their extreme exercise regime, they are at first incredibly resistant and scared! And when I ask them to just try it for one week by swapping the crazy workouts to less times a week or to more restorative versions they are amazed at the results. I believe when the body is rested and in a state of parasympathetic mode and hormonal balance, you are better able to burn fat.

Mind body connection:

Try lower impact activities with a mental health aspect to enhance your joy and body-awareness. When you build a mind-body connection you learn to become in tune with what your body needs. When you do what your body needs- your body listens to you in return and you will look and feel better than ever.

As mentioned above, I am a big fan of yoga, pilates or body balance to get you back in touch with your real self, and get you out of the habit of clock watching through cardio staring at the TV, or blasting your music while trying to forget about your body to block out the pain which is actually your body telling you what it really needs.  This is not the point.

How I start my day:

6:00/6:30 am – I wake up and practice 20 diaphragm breaths (with my eyes still closed) and think of 5 things I am grateful for, I mentally or physically write them down. Sounds corny but it keeps me grounded. You can’t feel unhappy when you feel grateful. I believe gratitude can bring your health to new levels!


I enjoy a cup of my signature metaboost drink (amazing cleanser and anti inflammatory) or warm lemon ginger herbal tea with 1/2 squeezed lemon.

7:00am–  I choose a 30-40 minute session of physical activity before my day:  either a 30 minute jog, interval training such as HIIT – high intensity interval training – run and sprint for 20 minutes and the rest is core work, yoga and weight training. I do this 3-4x/week.  I work hard, and then I give myself the next day off to recover.  Recovery means a happy body and a healthy mind!

I also love yoga, weight training and pilates – I swap it up all the time.  I never push myself to any extreme but enjoy a quick hard workout that induces sweat.  I make sure that I include 2 rest days each week as mentioned above- where I do absolutely nothing or enjoy a brisk walk or lite yoga. I do not allow myself to ‘feel bad’ about not exercising on the days I am too busy or simply do not feel like it.

14 thoughts on “My Exercise Regime

  1. Jess, I do Bikram yoga 6 times a week because I LOVE it. Sometimes it’s hard getting my butt to the studio but I never regret it afterwards. Is is bad to do so much hot yoga? I eat well and always make sure I sip filtered water throughout the day. I also drink coconut water after each class. I feel that my body can manage but most people are astounded I choose to sweat bucketloads for 90 minutes each day (except Sundays). I feel fine and get withdrawal symptoms if I don’t go. Not guilt, as such. I just feel so nice after a class – it’s like a drug.

    1. Hi Emma – that’s awesome! I am in love with bikram as well but manage 5 times a week, largely bc my acupuncturist actually advised I may be burning off my adrenals (as per Jess’ article). I know what you mean though, the hardest part is getting ready and lugging my normally lazy derriere over but once i’m there i am SO happy and grateful. The best part is the ending 2 min shavasna :)!!

  2. I love this thnk you so much Jess you wonderful gem!!! I used to feel guilty bc I’d never feel I was “excited” enough about running or boxing at 8:30pm post work, but since taking up yoga its something both my mind and body are saying a resounding YES to

    1. Totally agreed Ann Marie. I used to do cross country/competitive swimming.. all sorts of overly strenuous exercise that would make me want to throw up but ever since high school any type of that activity is painful and I simply can’t bring myself to put my body through that again. I gave all that up in favour of namasting and I am SO glad i discovered hot yoga. it really is that best.. it doesn’t feel like a chore and also happens to be a killer workout!! xxx

  3. Hi Jess, thank you for always providing such helpful information! You really are so inspiring 🙂 I just had a quick question at the moment I’m doing 3 boot camps and 2 Personal training session a week. Would you say this is to much? I’m thinking of cutting back to 3 bootcamp and a yoga session with 3 rest days.
    Thanks 🙂

  4. Hi Jess, i love your Blog and everything you’re about!
    in regards to this post, why is though that some people can workout 5-7 times a week and see results however for example if i work out 3 – 4 times a week, doing a mix of bodyweight/strength/cardio training, i find my body goes into crisis mode? My body tends to respond and feel better when i rest and stick to lighter forms of exercise.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi T, it’s all about finding what works for your body – we all need different amounts of rest and different amounts of exercise, so I recommend you listen to your body and trust that it will show you what’s best for you. Love Jess xx

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