My Favourite Mineral….magnesium!

Is it possible to have a favourite mineral?

Because I do! Don’t laugh – I think it’s the nutritionist in me.

What is it, you ask? Not calcium or iron – while those are incredibly important to keep your body thriving, there’s another mineral at the top of my list that absolutely amazes me with its ability to promote relaxation while also increasing energy. Incredible, right?

That’s magnesium for you!

I noticed that, before I was making healthy whole foods a priority, I often felt fatigued and anxious. I was sore after working out, and my hair and nails weren’t their best. One of the things I learned during this time was that I was likely deficient in magnesium. And once I started prioritizing the mineral in my diet, I was amazed. There truly are very few things it can’t do, and these are a few of the incredible things that it can:

Relax the nervous system. Magnesium helps regulate melatonin, which helps you sleep and calms you down.

Increase energy production. It allows you to not only build and strengthen muscles, it helps them relax! Magnesium is also great for your flexibility.

Relieve constipation. A great way to flush out your system – magnesium is my top suggestion to do this!

Support adrenals. When you are magnesium deficient, your body goes in to fight-or-flight mode much more quickly. Cortisol levels skyrocket – not good!

Relieve headaches. A great trick to ease those miserable stress and tension-induced headaches.

Balance hormones. Magnesium is key in easing PMS symptoms for many women.


Do you understand why I adore magnesium? It’s so important that we have enough of this miracle mineral in our lives. While it can be found in some of my favourite foods like almonds, sunflower seeds and, of course, greens like spinach and broccoli, I also rely on Nature’s Way Whole Foods Magnesium Powder. I simply mix it with water or blend it up in a smoothie for an easily absorbed and digested mineral hit. Yum!




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