My Favourite New Lineup: Nature’s Way Whole Food Vitamins

As a nutritionist, health coach and wellness lover, I have experimented with countless vitamin brands. Nature’s Way Whole Food Vitamins is the only product I’ve found that gets my “JSHealth tick of approval,” and I’m thrilled to announce that I am collaborating with them in an exciting new venture!

As you know, I am very careful and particular with what I recommend to my clients and readers. But when these vitamins first came across my desk, I was honestly impressed. It is one of the first products I’ve seen that is made of 100% real whole foods – not a single synthetic vitamin added.

This is almost unheard of.

Many of you are familiar with my food philosophy: eat real food. Food from the earth. Food in its most natural state. Food that has not been tampered with. This is the definition of a whole food.

One of the things that is so exciting about this range is that the formulas support those who simply don’t consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables – which is most of Australia!

Some surprising stats:

  • According to ABS data, 94% of Australians have an inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables.
  • This nutritional gap is often filled by taking vitamin supplements. Multivitamins are the most commonly taken supplement by Australians.
  • Not all vitamins are natural; whilst they are still good for you, many are made from synthetic chemical isolates – these are not found in nature and lack the full nutritional benefit that you get from 100% natural whole foods.

Wouldn’t you prefer that your vitamins came from a natural source? I have to admit that, up until recently, I was taking plenty of synthetic supplements. While I think they can have a place and be very supportive for some, I truly believe that the body can better absorb vitamins that come from whole foods. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The body knows how to break down natural ingredients with ease.

Nature’s Way Whole Food Vitamins provides the nutritional benefits from fruits, vegetables, herbs, and sea vegetables from farms, forests and the ocean, providing a concentrated dose in a convenient and economical form.

What does this mean for you?

  • You may not need the high doses usually found in synthetic vitamins.
  • Your body absorbs additional nutrients the way nature intended – which helps you achieve better health.
  • You can top up your daily nutritional requirements with a natural food based vitamin.
  • It’s a 100% gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO range of vitamins.

Wouldn’t you prefer your multi to be natural, vegan and gluten-free? I know I would, and I would certainly want this for my clients too!

Included in the Nature’s Way range:

  • Multi for men and women (with over 28 whole food fruits, veggies and herbs specifically picked for their nutrient content and subsequent health benefits)
  • Vitamin D3 from lichen
  • Vitamin C from amla berries, acerola cherries and camu camu
  • Magnesium from the ocean and wholefood vegetables including spinach, quinoa, chlorella and maca

There is truly something for everyone, and I love that the nutritional information is readily available on the bottle. No more guessing what’s in your vitamin – or what it’s designed to do for you. I love when my day kicks off packed with superfoods. No better way to take on my busy schedule!



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