My Guide To Hotel Buffet Breakfasts

Hotel Buffets

Hotel buffets can be truly overwhelming as we are presented with so many options.

How we start our day can impact our energy levels and also our mood so it’s important to have a balanced breakfast where possible.

To help you navigate your way through a breakfast buffet, I’ve put together my top tips.

  • Start with hot water and lemon. This helps to stimulate your gastric juices, which aids digestion and metabolism.
  • Tune in to your body and your taste buds. Do you feel like eating something fresh and light, or cooked and hearty? Take a stroll around to see what is on offer before picking up a plate. This will help to prevent over filling your plate, overeating and also reduces food waste.
  • Eat fruit first. If you’re craving fresh fruit, start with this first. It’s best to eat fruit on an empty stomach as it digests within 30 minutes, while cooked foods take longer.
  • Opt for fresh juice over processed. Ask the kitchen staff to make you a juice with your favourite, low-sugar fruits. I recommend steering clear from pre-made orange, pineapple and apple juices as they’re low in fibre and high in sugar.
  • Fill up on a protein rich-option. Order an omelette or poached/boiled eggs with a side of sautéed veggies, avocado and a slice of toast. Alternately, have a bowl of warm oats or Greek yoghurt topped with nuts, seeds, cinnamon, berries and banana.
  • Eat mindfully. Sit down with your plate of food and eat slowly. Chew your food and savour each mouthful.
  • Sip on coffee with breakfast or just after. Aim for one coffee per day before 10am.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your breakfast instead to regulate your metabolism and prevent sugar cravings.
  • Remember not to overeat. You can always try different foods the next day.
  • Indulge without guilt. If you’re in the mood for pancakes or French toast, then pick one morning and savour them.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink water 20 minutes after eating (not during) and continue to sip throughout the day.

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