My Health and Beauty Routine

Jessica Sepel Beauty Health Routine

My pillars of healthy living…

Many of my followers have asked me what I do on a daily basis to keep my health optimal!

Health is a big commitment, but a worthwhile commitment for a longer and happier future.

Small diet changes and lifestyle adjustments make a big difference to the body.  Start small and keep adding to your beauty routine and your health will blossom, my loves.

Here you go!

How I start my day:

  • 6:00/6:30 am – I wake up and practice 20 diaphragm breaths (with my eyes still closed) and think of 5 things I am grateful for, I mentally or physically write them down.
  • I enjoy a cup of my signature metaboost drink (amazing cleanser and anti-inflammatory) or warm lemon ginger herbal tea with 1/2 squeezed lemon.
  • The days I am not working/in class I choose a 30-40 minute session of physical activity:  either a jog, interval training, yoga, weight training or pilates – I swap it up all the time.  I never push myself to any extreme but enjoy a quick hard workout 4-5 times a week that induces sweat.  I make sure that I include 2 rest days each week too.

Notes on my exercise philosophy…

Key word:  active, that does not mean compulsively exercising 2 times a day to ‘burn away’ your ‘diet sins’!  This is a seductive and prevailing psychology and one that is dangerous to genuine wellbeing. Science is telling us to exercise less, but smarter!

I’ve noticed people have listed the importance of exercise.  Good because exercise is so important for the health of our cardiovascular system and amazing for the mind!  But don’t take it to the extreme. We are not designed to push our bodies to the limit, day after day. Yes, we must keep active but general movement, play and 2-3 times of 30 minutes interval training a week is enough for our bodies to burn energy, keep hearts healthy and keep our metabolism at optimal level.  If we overdo it at the gym we exhaust our adrenals, which are a central part of our endocrine system-hormones.  Over training in this way depletes us, and leaves us hormonally unbalanced, releasing the stress hormone cortisol, which enhances belly fat storage and leads to suffering from fatigue, insomnia and musculoskeletal breakdown.

Rather than churning and grinding on a cardio machine for hours each day, try lower impact activities with a mental health aspect to enhance your joy and body-awareness.

I am a big fan of yoga, pilates or body balance to get you back in touch with your real self, and get you out of the habit of clock watching through cardio staring at the TV, or blasting your music while trying to forget about your body to black out the pain which is actually your body telling you what it really needs.  This is not the point.

I exercise for 30 minutes 3-4 times a week.  My favourite is HIIT – high intensity interval training – run and sprint for 20 minutes and the rest is core work, yoga and weight training.  I work hard, and then I give myself the next day off to recover.  Recovery means a happy body and a healthy mind!

An intense workout when you’re highly stressed can temporarily feel good, but then powerwash you with aches and fatigue.  Distress causes the body to go into crisis response: it cannibalizes muscle, stores fat, induces fatigue, introduces nerve pains, allows muscle strains, enables injures, exhibits anxiety and depression, impairs cognitive function, creativity and problem-solving, manifests flu-like illnesses and eventually fosters disease.  Why?  Because your body is smarter than you are.  It’s doing everything possible to make you tone it down, slow it down and recover.  And the longer you ignore its requests, the louder the demands will become.

Back to my routine:

  • If I have time I will go for an ocean swim – I find it very mentally cleansing.
  • Shower time – I dry body brush 3 times a week prior to my shower to get my blood flowing.  Very cleansing experience.  I cleanse and moisturize my face and body with Evohe products.
  • I also moisturize my body with Jojoba oil.

Breakfast will be either:

  • My power protein smoothie with 1 tbsp psyllium husk.
  • 2 boiled eggs rolled in turmeric/dukka spices with 1/4 avocado and steamed greens on a gluten-free/whole grain e.g. quinoa, Ezekiel toast, spinach bread, and rye.
  • 1/3 cup organic rolled oats cooked on the stove in water and milk with 2 tbsp Greek yoghurt, cinnamon, stevia, raw nuts and seeds.
  • Sweet flaxseed omelet with berries and yoghurt.
  • Supplement intake around 30 minutes after eating breakfast: 1x B activated complex, 1x probiotic, 1x high strength fish oil (EPA/DHA).

The above breakfast options take 7-10 minutes to prepare.

Other meals in my health and beauty routine look a little like this….

Snacks options, mid morning/mid afternoon:

  • Green juice/smoothie
  • 1/4 cup activated almonds/walnuts
  • Apple pieces with almond butter smeared
  • My homemade froyo
  • Nori sheets with cut up veggies
  • Protein ball

Lunch options:

  • A dark leafy green salad (packed with broccoli, kale, spinach) with a portion of protein (fish/chicken/lean grass fed meat/veg protein- lentils/beans) with a complex carbohydrate such as quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato and a good fat e.g. avocado, sprinkle of mixed seeds, nuts or hummus.
  • Brown rice/quinoa sushi
  • Mountain bread wrap with protein and salad

Dinner options – some of my favorites:

  • Grilled fish (usually snapper) with broccoli/green beans and cauliflower mash 
  • Grass fed eye fillet with salad and roasted spiced carrots
  • Chicken stir-fry with lots of greens and konjac noodles

 I also drink 2 liters of filtered water daily.

Soothing beauty remedies that support my days:

  • Herbal tea:  I love Pukka Chai tea/Chamomile
  • I sniff lavender oil prior to bed time
  • I enjoy a hot Epsom salt bath 3 times a week – great muscle relaxant and detoxifier
  • Meditation – I don’t always get too fussy about how I do this – I have been taught transcendental meditation which I do as often as I can or I just spend a few minutes a day focusing on my breath, or walk barefoot on the sand which I believe is a form of meditation – very healing, or I enjoy a guided meditation on my iPod
  • I make sure to spend 20-30 minutes a day in solitude and preferably in nature – away from people, my phone and my computer, very important for my health
  • Downtime and rest daily – even just 5-10 minutes, to breathe and regain clarity
  • Saying NO to social arrangements when I need a break
  • I try to switch off all technology by 9 pm, and in bed by 9:30/10 pm
  • My beautiful mentor just bought me a Himalayan salt lamp that I believe is very healing, I’ve put it  in my bedroom
  • I practice yoga twice a week, I believe it creates a very special connection between my mind and body
  • Supplement intake – I believe in supplements alongside a healthy diet, I always take zinc, a probiotic, fish oil and a B complex – for your own personal supplement use its best to see a nutritionist/naturopath, do not self medicate
  • 8 hours sleep, let your body and mind repair themselves and detox yourself into health by sleeping more!  See my blog entry on this point, but I cannot stress it enough, sleep “knits up the ravelled sleeve of care” – don’t let yourself get pulled to pieces
  • A day of from social media – I avoid all social media 1 day a week….I try hard to!
  • I eat 90% home cooked meals and eat out maximum 1-2 times a week
  • Sundays are prep days – I dedicate a few hours to buying and cooking healthy produce – example, I try to bake a healthy bread/spinach bread for the week, protein balls for the week, Bircher muesli in the fridge for an on the go breaky and muesli bars for an on-the-go snack – dedicate Sundays to prep days if you can, preparation is the key to healthy living!

I believe health shines from within so taking care of my emotional needs is vital!

Part of my beauty routine is my commitment to be kind to myself.  I avoid putting too much pressure on myself in any way.  I try to give myself the benefit of the doubt.  I indulge in decadent foods when my body feels it and that includes enjoying a glass or two of fabulous red wine once a week and enjoying an indulgent meal or dessert, I never deny it of anything anymore.

I want us all to learn to be kinder to our bodies…

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