My Personal Transformation Doing My 8-Week Online Program

A few months ago, when I decided to sit and write my first ever online program, I had to think very carefully about how it would work and how I could create something that would give my community a physical and emotional transformation after completing the 8 weeks.


I studied health and nutrition for 5 years and have also had experience in my own clinic as a nutritionist. I’ve seen what works. So, I felt the need to think about all the most important nutritional principles that I had learned during university and throughout clinical practice. I had to put my head down and think hard about the challenges people are facing with their health, and how I could find an easy and practical way to help them overcome these issues and feel their best again. This is easier said than done.


But I also felt I needed to actually try the program for myself. Because, at the end of the day, we are all facing very similar struggles with health: stress, poor digestion, sleep issues, weight issues, hormonal issues (thyroid health!), disordered eating, fad dieting. We are also all struggling to make health a way of life, not a short-term phase. I needed to go through these 8 weeks personally to fully feel exactly what my community would be feeling whilst following it themselves. I feel very connected to the issues women, in particular, are facing and I am so eager to help us women find a solution – but a balanced solution.

Of course, over the last few years, I have felt better than ever. My health has transformed since I gave up dieting and became a wholefood eater. My skin has cleared, my hair is thicker, my sleep is better, my energy is better than ever, my weight does not yo-yo anymore and I have a very peaceful relationship with food (90% of the time).


So, I developed an 8-week program that I myself would want to be on – what I would personally find manageable and easy to follow. It includes the power principle that I have been learning over the last few years. I also had to dig deep and remember what worked for my patients in my clinic. And I also had to think carefully about what my online community (you guys) have loved about JSHealth and what you have found works for you – from your emails and comments on Facebook, Instagram and blog posts.


Then I decided to follow The JSHealth Program myself.


As mentioned, I am already in very good health. So, I really didn’t expect to see such a difference or too much of an improvement. The only issue I have faced is my struggle with Hashimoto’s (a thyroid condition), which I thankfully no longer have (my doctors initially thought this was a temporary viral thyroiditis). I speak about this candidly in my second book, where I’ve also placed the thyroid protocol that I used in my second book. I also seem to have broken sleep at night and some days my energy can crash (this is quite normal, though). But other than that – I am in good health, thankfully.


But… the 8 weeks transformed me more than I had expected.


  • Suddenly I was able to have a deeper sleep than ever
  • My energy increased even more
  • My bowel movements were ‘more regular’ than ever
  • I have incredible amounts of clarity of thought. No brain fog!
  • I have never, ever craved less sugar – now, the thought of sugar makes me feel a little nauseous. Truthfully.
  • I felt incredibly calm around food – all the guilt seemed to disappear
  • In fact, I have never had such few negative thoughts around food. I have just been eating to nourish myself. I have been thinking of food in such a healthy, balanced way. There is no unhealthy obsession over what I should or shouldn’t eat – just eating to fuel myself and eating foods that I know make me feel well.
  • I found myself eating whatever I was feeling like – in very moderate amounts
  • I was indulging moderately without guilt – at least 1-2 times per week
  • I don’t feel the need to overeat, which I believe is because I’m eating more mindfully than ever
  • I feel more in control of my stress levels than ever
  • I have lost weight. I do not weigh myself and don’t believe it is necessary to focus on numbers, but my clothes are significantly looser. I suspect I am down a whole dress size.


And I feel so good about myself. And to me, that’s all that matters.

Come with me on this 8-week journey, start now

I am here with you holding your hand through this journey. You are not alone x Jess.

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