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Why I Believe My New 12-Step Book Will Help Revolutionise Your Approach To Health And Wellness

23 September 2019
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I am so humbled to announce the launch of my third book The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset. It’s available to order right now! I can’t even believe it!

I have you to thank, my beautiful community and JSHealth sissies. You have supported me through this incredible journey and I would not be here without you.

I wrote this book while I was living in the USA last year and it’s as real, raw and vulnerable as it gets.

I share stories I have never shared before and sobbed through so much of it— it was such a cathartic process.

But they were mostly happy tears, as I was able to truly reflect on how far I’ve come in my personal journey⁠—overcoming fad dieting and finding balance with food and my body.

Within the book, I share everything I have learnt over the last seven years.

It contains my signature 12 principles that I have seen transform the lives of the community. These principles are practical, realistic and easy and written for the everyday, busy female who is trying to do it all – while still needing to take care of her health.

I know the struggle. While building the business, I have felt how challenging it can be to live the healthy life when you have little time and energy. But I promise, it can be done.

Anyone can implement the ’12 Steps’ without too much effort, money or trouble. And I truly find it is such a relief to learn that through gradual and simple changes you can still create profound change.

This book will also help undo a stuck diet mentality and support you in ending a torturous battle with your weight. I wholeheartedly believe the principles will help you get to your goal weight with balance and zero diets in sight.

As always, there is also a huge focus on nourishing your relationship with food, managing emotional eating and building a positive body image. And, in true JSHealth style, there are 50+ recipes that are designed to become household favourites. I personally make these recipes time and time again⁠—including the one-pan dinners⁠—which show you just how simple it can be to cook with ease and minimal effort.

One of my personal favourite sections is the breakfast stations! You will learn how to set up quick breakfast​s​ for life ⁠—it’s utterly life-changing!

Anyway, I could go on and on as I am so in love with this book and truly believe it will set you free in so many ways.

It’s really something special, so much so, that I will have to quote my publisher who just emailed me and said: “P.S. My MD told me this morning that this is the best book I have done this year!.”

You can order it here right now via JSHealth Vitamins website here or find it in all good book stores across Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (for a full booksellers list, click here).

What are you waiting for? Your Mind-Body-Food Reset journey starts now!

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