My Top 5 Tips to Heal Your Relationship With Food

One of the best things I have ever done for my health is heal my relationship with food. Rather than obsessing over calories, scales and my weight I can focus on what really matters and how good my body can feel. Over time I’ve discovered the most effective ways to develop a healthy balance with food, and these are my top 5 tips to heal your relationship with food.

  1. Give up dieting now. Throw away diet books, Instagram feeds that promote diets/fast weight loss strategies and calorie counting. Actually make a life decision to turn to a balanced wholefood diet today – now and forever. This is a commitment – the best one I ever made.
  2. Make a conscious effort to sit down with each meal. Bless that plate of food. Be thankful for it. Chew each mouthful of food. Be a conscious eater with each meal. It will take time, I know, but now is a good time to start.
  3. Throw away the scales today. And please give up the desire to be at a perfect weight. Strive for fit, healthy, glowing and balanced. Your weight will balance out when you stop depriving and restricting.
  4. Practice indulgence with moderation in mind. Designate yourself a treat today (a healthy treat or anything you are craving) and enjoy it with gratitude, mindfulness and no guilt. Savor each mouthful and remember your body listens to what you do most of the time. It can handle indulgence. Trust it. Let me know how you go. If guilt pops up, say, “I trust my body knows how to break this food down. My body loves balance.”
  5. End overeating. Tune in to your appetite to know when you are full enough to stop. Your body deserves this sort of attention. My book, The Healthy Life, will show you how to better tune into your appetite. Remember your body is your temple and when you fully understand this, you won’t want to over-fill it with food.
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