My Top 6 Picks for Greek Yoghurt

A healthy yoghurt? Yes, it does exist!

This is a question I’m asked very often – especially in clinic. I think Greek yoghurt is fantastic, but It’s hard to find good quality yoghurt free from sugar, hormones, additives, and artificial sweeteners and flavors.

As I tell my clients, it’s always best to go for a good quality Greek yoghurt with no sugar – or anything else – added. That way you can use your own add ins. Think fresh fruit, natural sweeteners like stevia or cinnamon, or homemade granola.

The other yoghurt question is inevitably about fat content. Full fat yoghurt is absolutely divine and very nutritious- and you don’t have to worry about it hurting your waistline! The healthy fat in yoghurt not only helps signal when you’re getting full, but it also keeps you satiated longer. That said, low fat is also okay! Some people prefer the taste, and it can be easier to find. Often, if I have low or fat-free yoghurt, I’ll add some nuts and seeds or almond butter to keep me sated.

Since it’s also high in protein, it serves as a fantastic breakfast when prepared with delicious toppings, and I also love it as a mid-afternoon snack. I sweeten up my yoghurt with cinnamon, stevia or vanilla powder. And my favourite way to eat Greek yoghurt? Naturally sweetened and then frozen – homemade froyo!

Since I had more limited options in my little kitchenette in LA, I loved the simplicity of Greek yoghurt for breakfast. My favourite combo? Raw protein, stevia, cinnamon, raw granola, banana slices, and a drizzle of vanilla almond butter. Honestly so delish!

Here are 6 brands of Greek yoghurt that get the JSHealth tick of approval:

five:am: delish organic yoghurt with no additives

Jalna: made the pot set way, so it’s ultra thick and creamy

Barambah: organic with a beautifully creamy top

Meredith Goat Yoghurt: a delish alternative to cow dairy – it’s easier to digest

Fage: delicious and absolutely packed with protein – this is what I have in my little LA fridge right now!

Wallaby: organic, “Australian-style” yoghurt made in California

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