My Top Nutrition Tips For Fussy Bubs and Exhausted Mums


Be role models

Choose healthy food and cook healthy food

Start them off with healthy food from as young as possible. Don’t give them too much room – stand your ground. Give them variety to show kids healthy food can be delicious. Sneak nutrients into their foods – eg: spinach into smoothies and grated carrots in soups/bolognese

Healthy eating needs to be a priority

Never, ever skip breakfast:

  • Children need breakfast before they arrive at school otherwise they’ll be on the blood sugar roller coaster
  • They will find it hard to concentrate and have no energy
  • Important to feed them a nutritious breakfast – not tiny teddies, please
  • Biggest rule – nothing processed/packaged


Keep it simple

  • Quick breakfasts to make before
  •  Bircher muesli
  •  Homemade granola w/ yoghurt
  • Smoothies
  • Homemade muffin – day before
  • Toast with avo
  • Eggs
  • Overnight oats
  • Chia pudding

What’s more important – afternoon tea or dinner?

Both!  – It is so important to set children up with a healthy routine of eating regular meals throughout the day – these are healthy habits for life. Not eating dinner can disturb their sleep. It’s important that adults and children eat 5 small meals a day to set them up for healthy routine and healthy habits – to keep their blood sugar levels stable.

A small protein rich snack after school such as:

  • Veggies with dip- humus/tahini
  • Some sugar free muffins
  • Smoothies
  •  Sugar free banana bread
  •  Tahini and banana on brown rice cakes
  • Boiled egg
  • Banana boats

Keep processed snacks as a treat

On this note, don’t deprive your child – as this sets them up for a complicated and emotional relationship with food. Important to increase their intake of protein and good fats at meals – both satiating macro nutrients – kids are eating too many refined carbs – or carbs in general

Do not bribe your kids with food:

  •   specialise in emotional eating and have a fond interest in helping young women build their relationships with food. If you are bribing your kids with lollies – you may be setting them up them up to have a very complicated and unhealthy r/e with food in the future. Food is not a reward. It is simply to nourish us – to keep us alive and well. If your bribe them with this – they will attach happy feelings to these foods and will no doubt treat food in this manner in the future.
  •  Stickers, colouring books, going to a movie can be great reward alternatives
  • Otherwise healthy treats – raw chocolate, cacao cake, bliss balls

Exhausted mums – how to get more energy!

You have to commit to rest like a meeting. And I know you have kids running around so if you don’t have time off from the kids – you have to do it with them. Show them how important rest time is.

  • Lie on the grass and look at the sky and breath deeply
  •  Practice deep belly breathing in the bath
  • Watch some TV together
  • Draw/paint together
  • Go for a walk with the dogs – without your phone!!!

Make 8 hours of sleep a commitment

  • Enter the stress free zone – 20-30 min switch off from the world to rest
  • Enter social media free time – time away from phones/computers/emails – we are on demand 24/7 and it’s effecting our health. I give you permission to switch your phone off for a period of time in the day when you think you don’t need to be contacted urgently – if you cant do this – then at least stick to my rule which is no technology from 8pm.
  • Don’t cook 3 different meals – just cook one!
  • And there is only one meal that should be eaten and loved by the entire family- and this is a healthy dinner with lean protein, lots of greens and some good quality starch – that’s all that should be offered in my nutritional opinion.
  •  If you have older children you could encourage them to help you or talk to you as you cook so they see how much time and effort goes in
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