My Top Protein Powder Picks

It’s no secret that I adore smoothies – one of my favorite things to create in the kitchen is a fun, fresh blend of bright fruits and veggies. They make a great snack and can easily serve as a quick to-go breakfast – as long as there’s a kick of protein to keep you going through the morning. For that, I rely on a good quality protein powder.

One of the questions I’m most commonly asked is what brand of protein powder I prefer. If you’ve sought one out, you know that there are an overwhelming plethora of options: whey, pea, soy and rice among many other combinations. They can be plant or dairy based, which is another consideration depending on your dietary needs.

Tick of approval from Jess If it meets the following:

  • ORGANIC AND NON-GMO (preferable)
  • HIGH PROTEIN (about 20g per serving)

And here, my top protein powder picks:

Sunwarrior: A phenomenal vegan-friendly rice protein that blends smoothly into just about anything without any chalky flavour

Vital Greens: Vegan friendly. If you love the flavour and texture of pea protein, you’ll adore this brand.

The Healthy Chef: The incredible Theresa Cutter recently created a natural, organic pea protein and pure native WPI. Great option!

Bare Blends: An organic, antioxidant-rich whey protein with a superfood boost

Growing Naturals: A great pea/rice protein blend

RAW Protein by Garden of Life: A sprouted raw, vegan, organic blend that includes all the amino-acids the body needs

Tony Sfeir Designer Physique: I love the vanilla whey concentrate

180 Nutrition: Nutrient dense, chemical free, home grown raw ingredients

Optimum Nutriton: Go for the 100% natural whey

Myofusion: The cinnamon roll flavor is divine! It also has a probiotic blend included – bonus points!

Aussie Bodies: I love the vanilla pure whey protein – but must be the natural version without artificial sweeteners

Clean Lean Protein by Nuzest: Vegan friendly pea protein that’s low in fat and carbs

Tell me, friends – what’s your favorite way to amp up the protein in a JS Health smoothie recipe? Share in the comments or post your blended creation on Instagram!

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  • Maya Abramovich

    Thanks Jessica regarding this question i asked you a few days ago x

  • Julia

    whats your opinion on Hemp protein? I was recommended it by the health food store staff but i am not sure it’s the best option….

    • It’s all about what kind of protein works best for your body. I recommend an organic, good-quaility whey protein or a pea protein if you’re vegan. You could speak to your favourite health practitioner about what they would recommend if that helps 🙂

  • Thanks so much for this article. My protein levels have dropped like crazy since I became Vegan at the start of this year and after struggling to up my grains, legumes etc I’d decided to just cut to the chase and buy some protein powder but had no idea where to start. Off to pick one of these to buy now 🙂


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