My Top Solutions To Overeating

So many people I meet these days tend to overeat- for both physical and emotional reasons. Food is here to nourish us and to provide us with the necessary nutrients to function optimally.

We must treat food as sacred and healing. I believe when we develop a stronger mind body awareness and love for ourselves, we will make better food choices and use food to nourish our bodies rather than to fill certain emotional gaps. Also, when we develop a stronger connection with our bodies- we can learn to tune into our signals of fullness and even begin to respect those signals.

Here are some tips:

1. Serve dinner on a smaller plate

2. Eat slowly + chew each mouthful of food 20x

3. Swallow food before the next mouthful. Put your knife and fork down!

4. Eat regularly- I suggest 2 protein rich snacks in between your main meals to ensure blood sugar stabilisation = appetite control. This will prevent you from overeating at main meal.

5. The protein and carbohydrate component on your plate should be around the size of your palm each + plenty of unlimited greens!!! Greens will fill you!

6. Are you stressed or anxious? Do not choose food for comfort- You are likely to overeat at this time and digestion shuts off. Rather enjoy something else delicious such as: A walk, a cup of herbal tea and a chapter of your book, a hot lavender bath, your favourite TV show, a restorative yoga pose, sex with your loved one or a phone call to your bestie!

7. Set small goals on your health journey- do not overwhelm yourself with trying to be perfect and doing it all. Set one health goal per week. If you are overwhelmed about it- you are likely to use food as comfort and overeat.

8. Remember that food is ABUNDANT. You have your next meal coming. Food is not running away. This relives anxiety for many people.

9. Give yourself some credit and remember how amazing you are- when you have love for yourself you will treat your body like a temple and you wont want to fill your body with junk and overeat. You will be in tune with when you are full.

10. Enjoy the taste of food. Food is so delicious!! Actually appreciate the sensations and textures on your taste buds. Each mouthful could be a celebration.

11. Drink 2 glasses of water 20 minutes before your main meal to fill you up slightly- BUT NOT WITH YOUR MEAL- dilutes digestive enzymes that you need to help you break down your food.

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