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4 Ways to Naturally Nourish Your Gut

03 March 2020
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Gut health is responsible for so many bodily functions, including mood, stress, skin health, immunity and digestion. If you nourish your gut, your inner beauty will show in how you look and feel! Try these tips today, angels!

  1. Probiotics

The key to gut health is having a balance of good and bad bacteria. This is where probiotics come in! The good bacteria contained in these supplements helps to maintain a balance of good and bad gut bugs, preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria.

So angels, good gut health is so important when it comes to feeling your best and living your healthiest life! And luckily for you, our Gut Health + Immunity probiotic maintains and supports good gut bacteria, gastrointestinal function, bowel regularity, digestion and immune function.

It contains three carefully chosen strains of probiotics, to help improve your gut health and immunity and allow you to become you your happiest, healthiest self!

  1. Eat whole foods (diverse) to feed good bugs

Eating a diet rich in a diverse range of whole foods is SO good for gut health. The more diverse your diet is, the more diverse your gut microbiome becomes. This is important because different strains of bacteria do different things for the body. For example, some strains improve skin health, while others enhance immunity.

So the greater range of whole foods you eat, the more strains of good bacteria you’ll have in your gut, doing wonders for your gut health!

  1. Reduce stress

Angels, I strongly encourage you to prioritise 10-20 minutes of rest every day, do some yoga, walk in nature, and switch off from social media to give your mind and body a chance to switch off!

Stress can actually alter your gut microbiome. It disrupts the balance of good and bad bacteria and potentially even causing digestive discomfort. For example, someone who suffers from anxiety may find they experience irregular bowels. 

By reducing stress in your life, you’re helping to restore the balance to your microbiome, and improve your gut health!

  1. Fibre

Fibre plays a really important role in gut health! Some fibres are prebiotics, which means they’re fermented in your colon by your good gut bacteria. This process is incredibly healthy for your colon, and can also kill some of the harmful bacteria in your gut.

Resistant starch, which can’t be digested in the small intestine, helps to produce this good gut bacteria, and also improves bowel health. Cooked and cooled potatoes and pasta, and under ripe bananas are great sources of resistant starch.

Basically, fibre is great for your gut!


Give these all a go, angels, and see how you feel after you’ve made them a habit! Remember, good gut health translates to SO many areas of your health, so think of it as an investment into your health! I can’t recommend our Gut Health + Immunity probiotic more to get you started, it truly has made such a difference for me! I hope it helps you too, angels!

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