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A Nutritionist’s Top Late Night Snacks

23 June 2020
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Hi angels!

Feeling snacky at night, and find yourself reaching for a whole block of chocolate? Or maybe you’re looking for a healthy option to curb those late night cravings!

Today, I’m sharing my top picks for late night snacking!

1. Greek yoghurt and berries

Greek yoghurt contains protein and calcium, so it will actually make you feel full and satisfied if you turn to this for a late night snack option! It contains probiotic strains which are brilliant for gut health plus the antioxidant hit from the berries make it a well-rounded, nutritious option!

2. Dark chocolate

Angels, there is nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence! Dark chocolate is a rich source of Magnesium, so it can actually improve sleep, and help with relaxation! Not to mention, the rich flavour of dark chocolate can do wonders for satisfying those sweet cravings! Sometimes it’s important to listen to your body and give it what it’s craving!!

3. Protein bliss balls

Again, the high protein content of protein bliss balls makes for a satiating, satisfying late night snack! Add some nut butter to your bliss balls for a hit of quality fats, and to make them even more filling!

4. Almond butter-filled dates

These are DELICIOUS! Super sweet to feed those cravings, with the nut butter to fill you up and stop you feeling like you can’t control your snacking! This is the perfect late night dessert option with a healthy twist!

5. Nice cream

Super easy to whip up, this healthy alternative to ice cream is nutritious, and can make the perfect dessert or night time snack! Simply blitz up your fave fruit with some plant-based milk, and top with some cacao nibs or granola, if you like! You’re getting a hit of nutrients from the fruit, and it’s oh so creamy – it will really hit the spot!

For more snack ideas like these, try the JSHealth App today! It contains over 500 nutritious, easy, balanced recipes!

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