Nighttime rituals for optimal health

I am so passionate about this topic.  After being in private practice with clients one on one I can tell you where people are falling short and struggling the most to maintain health – at night time.


Because we are tired after a very long day of work, family, commitments and so many other things that healthy living is the last thing we want to attend to.

We feel stressed and so food is so comforting at this time.

Some of us feel unsatisfied and bored with life – food is exciting.

Some of us choose to do catch up on EVERYTHING at night – errands, emails, cleaning the house.

Some of us are avoiding things, work commitments, loved ones, so we turn to food.

Some of us feel angry at ourselves after a bad day of eating – so the guilt causes us to keep going. We continue to eat badly…often resulting in a food binge.

Some of us end up fighting with our loved ones at this time – a very stressful situation.

This is creating a health disaster for the body.

My past encompassed all of the above.

Not anymore.

By setting yourself up with a night time ritual you are doing something else that is delicious and satisfying. And food becomes less of a focus. At this time all the body wants to do it prepare for rest and repair – SLEEP.

And we do the opposite. We allow ourselves to be tired but wired. Adrenaline kicks in. We get a second wave of energy to fight, eat and attend to work commitments.

We do the exact opposite of what our bodies are craving.

We are not designed to push our bodies like this, especially after a crazy hectic day that most of us are living.  If you can set yourself up a nighttime health ritual, you will change your body. And your life.

Here is a snap of mine:

5-6pm: Complete working hours with clients or on the blog/email.

6-7pm: Prepare a wholesome dinner. It does not need to be fancy-schmancy – keep it simple. A lean protein + a green salad + roasted/steamed veg is all you need, my loves.

7-8pm: Savour a delicious meal. Eat it slowly and mindfully and enjoy this time with family.

8-8:30pm: I sometimes sneak in a quick Instagram, BUT…

8:30pm:  My phone is off. I switch my alarm clock on for the next day. My email is off. My computer is shut down. My body is getting very excited to SLOW DOWN.

This is a challenge, but I simply have to commit to it because the benefits are incredible.

At this time people are usually heading towards the fridge or pantry. For comfort. Not because you are actually hungry. But remember, you have an entire day of food coming tomorrow and your body wants to digest dinner with ease. This is why your nighttime ritual is so important.

8:30-9:00pm: A bath in essentials oil and Epsom salts with some relaxation music.

I also light a candle – it brings out my feminine energy.

9:00pm – Jump into PJs. Then I do legs up against the wall for 10 minutes while deep belly breathing. This is incredible for the nervous system and puts me to sleep fast!

I make myself a delicious herbal tea, usually a healthy chai latte: Bengal spice tea/Rooibos chai with warm almond milk + cinnamon + stevia. Yum!

9:30-10pm – I either read or watch my fav TV show (no, I admit TV is not great during this time but I find it very relaxing and delicious!) I usually do some belly breathes while reading/watching TV

10pm: SNOOZE TIME. Ready for an incredible 8 hours of rest and repair!

I know some of you finish work later than most or are busy caring for your family. Add this ritual whenever you can, as long as it is somewhere in your routine. If you are a busy mom with kids some of the above may seem completely and utterly unrealistic. If you can implement just 1 or 2 things you will notice huge improvements.

What will your nighttime routine look like?



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  • Great tips, Jessica. I struggle a lot with my own night time routine. I sat a new intention yesterday with the new moon about creating one, so this is just divine timing 🙂 Anyways. I don’t have access to a bath tub, so what do you recommend instead? A foot bath with epsom instead? I know how powerful the salt is – and always keep it a hand.
    Marie 🙂

  • I do love having night time rituals, but since I’ve been on the go for about 5 months now, it’s been kinda impossible to set as I’m always in different places!
    When I get to Sydney in September will definitely get back to having a more set routine!

    {Teffy’s Perks} X

  • That’s interesting about your legs up against the wall being good for the nervous system, why is that?

  • I appreciate you highlighting how important this is and has definitely had an impact on me. I am a mum of a 4 yr old, 2 yr old and 4 month old so am totally smashed by days end. They all sleep through the night but I am so restless in my sleep I still feel sleep deprived – its nuts! I will try have a bath every night, I love that suggestion the most.

    Thank you for your beautiful insight.


  • Brogan

    Thanks for this article Jess! I am definitely one of the “cram absolutely everything I can into the few hours before bed” kind. And then I wonder why I’m not a morning person! Looking forward to incorporating a few of your suggestions into my routine.

    How do you feel about exercise at night? I know that (realistically) it’s the only time I can fit it in, and I’m usually done by 7.30pm at the latest.

    Thanks again!

  • Eve

    Hi Jessica, I love this! I am a person who really loves and values my sleep – I am not good without it. Luckily I have always been a good sleeper and get over very easily but since taking a more “clean” approach to living from only a month ago I have really noticed the improvement in my sleep and wake up feeling satisfied and energised. My husband doesn’t necessarily love my love of sleep and gives me the disappointed eyes but I am just going to make him read your article so that he can see how important it is.





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