20 Fun Facts That No One Knows About Me

Every day, I’m asked a range of questions from the JSHealth community. From my favourite food to my biggest health inspiration, it seems that there’s interest in the behind-the-scenes of my daily life. For those who are curious, here are 20 fun facts about me that no one knows:

  1. I am the oldest of three sisters who I’m very close with. They’re very health conscious and incredibly creative.
  2. My family and I have dinner and yoga together twice a week. We all do yoga together – even my dad. After, we all make a healthy dinner!
  3. My mum and sister are both trained yoga teachers.
  4. My mum taught me how to cook, and she’s the best cook in the world!
  5. I never ever go clothing shopping and I really just don’t enjoy it. It’s weird. My sisters help me out when I need for work.
  6. I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and I feel so connected to the African spirit and people.
  7. My favourite JSHealth meal is cauliflower pizza.
  8. I’ve been with Dean for seven years, going on eight years and we fell in love in Vegas – it’s a long story! He’s no doubt the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
  9. Before I met Dean, I wasn’t in the best place emotionally. I just didn’t have much purpose or passion for life.
  10. One day, I was on a walk and put my initials in front of the word “health” when setting up my nutrition clinic and that’s how the name @jshealth happened.
  11. I live down the road from my mum and Dad, so I walk there almost every day to see them.
  12. Dean and I spend a few months every year living in LA. Most of Dean’s family lives there.
  13. I’ve always dreamed of having two healthy children.
  14. I have a fear of flying which started quite recently.
  15. I go to bed at 9.30pm every night but I go through stages of insomnia when work is busy.
  16. I love mornings; every morning, I walk in nature and then go to my local coffee shop. It’s just the best part of my day.
  17. I write down my dreams and goals and stick them all around my house in secret spots.
  18. I love being on my own. I find solitude so healthy and calming.
  19. I’m actually an introvert, although a lot of people think I’m an extrovert.
  20. My biggest health inspiration is my mum. She’s the most incredible woman I know.


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