Nutritional Tips for a Stomach Bug


The last few days, my fiancé Dean has had a stomach virus or food poisoning – we not sure which one exactly. We’ve all been there and it is miserable! It’s important to rest as much as possible and take good care of yourself, and these are the things I encourage nutritionally that will help you to feel better sooner:

  • Non stop filtered water – so important to stay hydrated!
  • Infused water – this will help you to hydrate and take in nutrients too. Try the recipe for Healthy Vitamin Water in my book The Healthy Life.
  • Herbal teas – try my Homemade Ginger Tea, which works wonders to settle the stomach
  • Add some apple cider vinegar to your water if you can handle it
  • Take an antibacterial formula with garlic, oregano and wormwood. I have been using Parex by Metagenics. Great product.
  • Take a high strength probiotic 2 times per day.
  • Avoid gluten, sugar and dairy – they put strain on the digestive system.
  • Black tea with manuka honey. Manuka honey is also an antibacterial and great to get rid of bugs.
  • Eat dry, plain foods – try gluten free toast with almond butter.
  • Eat or cook with coconut oil – also antibacterial
  • Turmeric capsules are great to settle the stomach
  • Aloe vera juice is also incredible soothing
  • Enjoy my latest stomach healing concoction: 1 tablespoon slipperly elm, 1 tablespoon manuka honey + 1/2 mashed banana. Mix together and eat!
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