A Nutritionist’s Guide To Portion Sizes

Here at JSHealth I get a lot of questions about the right portion size to have. As everyone is so uniquely different, there’s no hard and fast, black and white answer. However, I’ve put together a small guide to help you work out what works for you!


As a general rule, aim for a palm-sized portion of protein with each meal. Then, a quarter of your plate should be made up of a good-quality carbohydrate (such as brown rice, beans, lentils or sweet potato), and the other half should have green, leafy vegetables (the darker, the better!). Add good fats to your meal through the dressing (think good-quality olive oil) or some avocado, nuts, seeds, tahini.



Cutting down on portions

Food provides us with the nutrients we need to function, but most of us eat too much. Respecting our body’s hunger and satiety signals is the best way to combat overeating.

These tips and tricks will help get you there.

  1. Serve dinner on a smaller plate.
  2. Eat slowly and chew each mouthful 10-20 times.
  3. Enjoy the tastes and textures of food. It is such a pleasurable experience!
  4. Put your knife and fork down after each mouthful.
  5. Drink 2 glasses of water 20 minutes before meals, not during.
  6. Have a protein-rich snack in between meals – this will help you control your appetite.
  7. Dish out protein and carb portions the size of your palm.
  8. If you’re stressed or anxious, forgo food for a walk, tea, bath or go into the JSHealth Stress Free Zone.
  9. Ensure all your meals are satiating enough so you do not feel starving by the next meal.
  10. Never skip a meal – this always leads to overeating at some stage.
  11. Set one small health goal per week. If you’re overwhelmed, you’re likely to turn to food as comfort and overeat.
  12. Practice self-love and remind yourself your body is a temple. Why would you want to fill it until you’re terribly uncomfortable?
  13. Remember that food is abundant. You’re lucky to know your next meal is coming soon. You can have more later or tomorrow!


So much love, J x



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