On Shelves Today – The Healthy Life!


Today is a dream day for me.

The Healthy Life is now available for you!

It is an absolute honor, privilege and true dream come true to launch this book – a book that manifested out of my own personal story, my passion for healthy food and my commitment to help women around the world feel good about themselves.

I started this blog exactly 2 years ago, and back then it was just a space to express my knowledge and personal healing story. It all came from a very real and organic part of me. At the time I only had a dream of being a clinical nutritionist with a private practice. I never thought or believed that my blog would eventually help so many people or that it would be my full-time career.

To think that I am now releasing a hard copy book – one that will be sold on bookstore shelves around the world – is hard to comprehend. I feel such gratitude for the support and encouragement I’ve received from you, the JSHealth community. You helped me make this dream come true. How can I possibly thank you enough?

In this book, you’ll read my step-by-step recovery plan – the way I healed my broken relationship with myself and with food. It gives me such hope and joy to know that the philosophy that healed my mind and body is resonating with this gorgeous community.

If you already love my eBook, The Clean Life, this is the must-have guide to further your journey to a happy, healthy and peaceful relationship with food and your body.

Thank you for believing in my message; for celebrating and healing with me. Your inspiration made this book possible, and I hope that it changes your life just as you have changed mine.

You can get your copy of The Healthy Life in all good Australian book stores, or anywhere in the world by ordering here!

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  • Thank you for being such an insipration to me Jess! Can’t wait to get my hands on your book



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