Podcasts The JSHealth Team Can’t Get Enough Of


Podcasts are all the rage and the JSHealth team is definitely on board. We are constantly sharing our favourites with each other in the office so today we’ve decided to share them with everyone! It’s an eclectic mix with something to suit all interests.

Here goes…

Jess, Founder & Creative Director

  • Supersoul Conversations by Oprah
  • No Filter by Mamamia
  • Deliciously Ella
  • Seize The Yay by Sarah Holloway
  • How I Built This

Zoë, Graphic Designer

  • Deviant Women
  • Call Your Girlfriend
  • Science with Dr Karl
  • People Fixing the World

Jodi, Nutritionist

  • Shameless
  • Life Uncut
  • JCN Clinic

Ash, Media & PR Manager

  • Joe Rogan Experience
  • Stuff You Should Know

Vic, Recipe Developer & Nutritionist

  • She’s On The Money
  • The Food Medic Podcast
  • ABC Conversations (Depending on who is being interviewed!)
  • Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel
  • Food For Thought by Rhiannon Lambert

Caroline, Digital Marketing Manager

  • The Squiz
  • The Quicky
  • The Angie Lee Show
  • Earn Your Happy
  • Millennial Mayhem

Bella, Customer Support

  • The Middle
  • The Melissa Ambrosini Show
  • Rise and Conquer
  • The Real Food Reel
  • The Healthy Hustlers



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