Why The JSHealth Program Gets RESULTS!

I launched the JSHealth Program in February 2017 – not knowing that a few months later it would become a MOVEMENT – people are changing in ways I couldn’t have ever predicted.


This Program gets RESULTS, physically and mentally.


This Program is helping thousands of people overcome emotional eating, binge eating, low energy, negative body image, weight struggles, skin issues, poor gut health and SO much more.


Most importantly it is helping people reconnect to themselves again – they are finding peace with their bodies, overcoming food struggles and building up their body love and confidence.


These testimonials blow my mind. Every week.


“I’m at the end of Week 7 of your program and it has to be the best thing I have committed myself to in regards to my health and well being. I have always eaten well but at times just struggled with binge eating and then depriving myself; low self esteem followed and it became this pattern that I just couldn’t shake. During the last 7 weeks I have felt AMAZING!”


“The positive outcomes from this Program that I have experienced are: increased energy, clearer skin, comfortable fitting clothes, lessened PMT symptoms after experimenting with eliminating dairy (can’t wait for my next cycle to see how that one is!), accepting that I am who I am and that I don’t need to be perfect. I am still a work in progress but I have come so far. I am so grateful for this Program and everything you do Jess!”


 “In the past I’ve had terrible cramping, bad mood swings, bloating and migraines for 7-10 days before my periods started. It’s ALL GONE! If only I could have done the JSHealth Program 37 years ago I wouldn’t have had to put up with these symptoms for so many years!”


“I’ve just finished the 8 weeks and to anyone who is starting and doubting or hesitating to be a part of the Program… DON’T! This Program has changed my life, my wellbeing and has stopped my bad weight gain spiral.”


“Since discovering you my whole outlook on food, eating and life has changed completely for the better. I can finally relax now that the stress and pressure of eating and losing weight is over. I’ve never been happier, more relaxed and happy with myself. I enjoy my food. My mind is happy. My skin is clear and glowing. I love my body.”


“I have always admired and looked up to Jess. Her outlook on life has gotten me through heartbreak and help me lose around 5 kgs.”


“The biggest change you have helped me with is to heal my disordered relationship with food. I put my scale away about 6 weeks ago and have been eating for nutrition and my body’s well-being rather than counting every calorie. And it feels so good!”





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