Read this if you’re still depriving yourself…

I know the feeling.

When I tell myself I can’t have something, it backfires. I want it more. I obsess over it.

And I can feel that manifesting into stress. This is how my relationship with food used to be.

When I give myself permission to eat the foods I love and crave (in moderation), my body responds in an amazing way. I digest and metabolise the food well. My body is relaxed.

It can be this way for you, too!

I encourage you to be kinder to yourself around food. Don’t put heavy restrictions on your diet, because from my clinical and personal experience this often leads to over eating, bingeing and a very complex relationship with food.

This is exactly what we are trying to avoid. Last time I was in Europe, I remember how much I denied myself of food. Foods I wanted to try that were unique to the county I was visiting. Back then I was a dieter and deprived myself.

I can’t believe how mean I was to myself around food choices and it’s amazing to see how differently I’m responding being back here now.

I’m so kind to myself.

I allow myself any food my body feels like.

If old feelings of guilt creep in, I know how to relieve them. How good it feels to enjoy a beautiful glass of red wine and a scoop of gelato in Italy. Because this is healthy for my body and soul. I give many techniques and tips that I use myself in my new book in case you need support! If you’re looking for it, you can find it here.

Give yourself permission. 

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  • weronika

    I love you Jess… You’re such a good nutritionist, you inspire me to do what I love and to be kind to my body.



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