Real Talk: The First Steps I Took to Heal My Broken Relationship with My Body & Food

Do feel you the need to be thin in order to feel loved and appreciated?


I totally felt this.


Life is too short to let your weight and food issues take over. This is why I want to help you find peace with yourself, to be able to really enjoy life.


Last week I spoke about the possible causes of my disordered eating… Here are some tools that have helped me heal this.


  • Shift your mentality from weight loss to health. When you do this – everything changes. Focus on having strong and healthy hair, a glowing complexion, clear eyes, being comfy in your clothes, balanced energy and good sleep. Every time weight loss becomes your focus – give thanks to your health! It will take some time to switch this mentality. I started by just swapping a weight loss focused thought to a health focused thought. Try it and keep doing it – catch yourself. Being more aware of it – that’s the first step. Every morning I wake up and scan my body – thanking each body part for doing what it does. It’s a really powerful way to start to feel appreciation for your body.


  • Forgive yourself for your past. It’s not your fault – feel that in your heart. Having a bad relationship with your body is incredibly common these days, sadly. We are living in a very image obsessed world – where we compare ourselves to bikini models we see on our Instagram feeds – the bodies of people who have been airbrushed/starved/photoshopped – and aren’t feeling very good in their own lives most of the time. It’s unrealistic, it’s dangerous. Being thin/changing your body is just a part of our culture.  Anything you’ve done that you feel angry at yourself or someone else for – it’s time to let it go. When you let go – you heal.


  • Envision your bright future – dream. Sit down right now and write down 10 things you want to have in your bright future. Do you want to be a healthy parent one day? Do you want to see your kids get married? Can you envision your amazing wedding? A good career? Those things become harder to attain when we hate on ourselves and allow food and weight to take over our lives. These things become impossible for people who are on the brink of death with an eating disorder. You will ruin your dreams if you allow food to take over. Life is too short. That was motivation for me to change.


  • You need to accept your body as it is now and your unique body shape – constantly trying to change your body adds so much STRESS to your life and body. Often we have unrealistic body goals because of the what’s in the media. It’s crazy. You need to find a realistic body target – I mean, really realistic.


  • Think carefully about your definition of ‘beautiful’. Make up your own definition! For me it used to be – skinny. And honestly after years of healing myself, I have this amazing new idea of what beautiful truly looks like. For me it is; waking up healthy, having glowing skin and clear eyes, thick hair, good energy, feeling comfortable in my clothes, feeling content and feeling confident within myself.  Looking back, when I was my skinniest – I looked gaunt, tired, pale and so sad. My hair was falling out and my zest for life disappeared – not so beautiful. What Hollywood deems beautiful – is not so true. You are too precious to compare yourself to that.


  • Comfort your inner child – picture yourself at 3 years old. That darling kind innocent face who never stopped smiling, giggling and playing. Would you tell her she is ugly, fat, unloved and unworthy? Do you know – you are still that person. Every time I find myself saying nasty things to myself – I think of little Jess and how much she doesn’t deserve that. I’m still that Jess. You are too precious for anything but kind words.


I hope these help you as they did me… Here for you xx


More of the tips that healed me are coming soon in my second book and program – released February 2017. Yay!


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