Rejuvenating with the Classics

On my days off from the clinic, I spend my time researching client cases – and catching up with all of you on the blog! One of my favorite ways to rejuvenate is with a little pampering. My foundation – proper self care and nutrition – is something I want reflected in the products I use too. As I build my own career as a nutritionist, I have an even greater respect for companies that take our health and wellness into consideration.

With nature guiding their skincare, Burt’s Bees has been creating good and good-for-you products for almost 30 years. It’s no secret that I want what I put on my skin to meet the same standards as what I put in my body, and I know I can trust the white bearded beekeeper from Maine! They’re committed to The Greater Good, which means no petrochemicals, no phthalates, no paragons, no sodium laurel sulphate, and no animal testing. I’m thrilled that they’re reintroducing their Classics range, which includes several of my go-to products.

My bedside table is just delicious right now thanks to the Burt’s Bees Classics line and #WorldofBurt. Yesterday, as a treat, I took a break from work to give myself a foot rub with their Coconut Foot Cream. Before cracking into “Beauty From the Inside Out,” (written by my mentor, Dr. Libby!) I babied my nails with Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream and slathered on their Almond Beeswax Hand Cream – I keep spare jars in my desk at the clinic, they smell so good!

Before turning out the lights for my non-negotiable 8 hours of rest, I applied Burt’s Bees Hand Salve, put on this adorable eye mask, and let my body repair itself for another busy day at the clinic.  In light of being “True to You” on Treat Yourself Tuesday, it only takes small gestures to give yourself the love you deserve!


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Posted on March 24, 2014

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