Simple Ways to Stay Gorgeous While Travelling

Having just returned from a massive work trip to the USA I know firsthand how easy it is to forget those healthy habits we have at home when travelling! When you’re experiencing new places, eating exciting new foods and constantly on the move, your health can take the backseat. However, it’s so important to stay on top of your wellbeing – so that you can get the most of your well-deserved break!! Here are my top tips to maintain your beauty and health routine while travelling:


  1. Hydrate Wisely

Ensure you are drinking water throughout the day. I do this by keeping a water bottle in my bad. Hydration is the key for keeping that healthy skin glow and helps to avoid the look of puffy eyes – kind of unavoidable when you’ve been on a long flight!


  1. Greens, Greens and More Greens

Add greens to every meal where you can! A simple side salad or some steamed veggies can make such a difference to your overall health. I also grab a green juice wherever I go. It really helps to get in extra nutrients for sparkly eyes and clear skin. Most cities have fresh juice bars now!


  1. Supplements on the go

Fish Oil and Vitamin C are two supplements I always carry with me abroad. They are essential for keeping my skin and hair strong during travel. I sometimes add Vitamin C powder to my water bottle and drink throughout the day.


  1. Be careful with caffeine and alcohol

I only have 1 coffee a day when travelling, and none after midday to ensure my sleep is good and my body can adjust to the new sleep routine.

I am also cautious with alcohol. I never drink the day of travel or the day after. When I do drink, I usually choose red wine and never have more than 2 glasses in one sitting. Too much alcohol is toxic for the body – although I do understand that while on holidays, it is important to find that health balance when socialising with friends and family.


  1. Enjoy treats in moderation

Avoid refined sugar as best you can. Definitely allow for indulgences while travelling (in moderation), but keep it as a general rule to pick fresh and wholesome options.


  1. Stress less – you’re on holidays! 

Stress causes hormonal imbalance, as the feeling we call stressed is actually a symptom of an increase in cortisol or adrenalin (short and long term stress hormones) running throughout our bodies. It is vital we stay calm, breathe and stop rushing ourselves – sometimes easier said then done when you’re on holidays! Make sure you take some time out to be in solitude, walk amongst nature or enter the JSHealth Stress-Free Zone (no phone/social media/internet) for at least 20 minutes. I also find yoga keeps my stress down and when my stress levels are low, I look and feel my best.


  1. Arm yourself with healthy snacks!

Ensuring you have access to wholesome, satiating snacks while you’re busy exploring is the best way to stop yourself reaching for something unhealthy and can help keep energy levels up when you’re out and about. Check out this post for some of my favourite snack ideas.


How do you keep your healthy habits in check whilst travelling?


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