Sinus Pain? I get you! Here’s How I Healed Mine…

It’s been a strange few months of on and off sinus pain/congestion…Something I have never really experienced before!


The slight sinus headache I woke up with was driving me crazy – the pressure on my eyelids and around my eyebrows made me feel tired and irritable.


Of course I went to see my integrative doctor. He put me on strong drops to clear it up. But as a nutritionist I knew I had to tackle this holistically. Always! 😉


Here’s what I did:


  • When I studied nutrition I learnt that dairy is mucus forming and can definitely worsen congestion. I cut dairy out strictly for 1 month.  For me this means swapping my milky coffee to an almond mile coffee and cutting my love affair with Greek yoghurt. No sprinkling of Parmesan on my zucchini pasta – very sad! Haha.


  • I use a saline rinse up my nose. You can buy them at most pharmacies. Fess is a good brand. I do this twice a day.


  • Drank more water – obviously!


  • Stopped histamine producing foods. Histamines are a natural substance produced by the body (and found in some foods) as an immune response.  Common symptoms of histamine intolerance includes itchiness, headaches, fatigue, sneezing, mucus production after consuming histamine rich foods. You can see some of the foods that are high in histamine here. But the big one for me was red wine. I have a glass or two on the weekends and noticed my sinus pain returned every time I drank – I cut it and swapped to white wine/Prosecco. I believe in balance so I love to enjoy a glass of wine on the weekends. Avoid red for a trial period of 4 weeks.


  • Avoided sugar completely – like I usually do. See my blog post on how to reduce sugar cravings here…


  • Took care of stress levels – stress worsens everything! Yoga, JSHealth Stress Free Zone and 8 hours of sleep really help me – find out my rituals for a better night’s sleep here.


  • Consider Chinese herbs recommended by a herbal practitioner.


  • Obsessed with ArmaForce by Bioceuticals and Andro NK by Metagenics to boost your immune system – sold in most Sydney health food stores


  • From a spiritual/emotional perspective – put less pressure on yourself. Sometimes emotional pressure can manifest to physical pressure in your head or sinus. Let it go 🙂 You are doing enough!!



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