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Jess’ Top Four Tips for Glowing Skin

20 October 2020
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I know how much glowing, healthy, flawless skin can boost your confidence – so today I’m sharing my top four tips on how to improve your skin health and appearance!

1. Drink plenty of water.

Water plays a really important role in digestion, absorption of nutrients, and removing toxins from your body. Drinking more water flushes these toxins out, and boosts the moisture of your skin – so you can get the glowy skin you’ve always wanted!

If you’ve ever felt like your skin is dry or flakey, this is often the sign you’re not drinking enough water. Aim for at least 2L per day, to help get the radiant glow you’re looking for!

2. Eat more healthy fats.

Omega-3 fatty acids are SO important for skin health. Found in foods like avocado, nuts and seeds, oily fish and olive oil, these fats provide hydration and elasticity to your skin.

They also help reduce inflammation in the body, which is so helpful if you suffer from dermatitis, eczema or psoriasis. This is because omega-3s can improve your skin barrier function, to keep moisture in and irritants out!

Try some of the recipes in the JSHealth App like my One Pan Japanese Salmon for some delicious, nutritious meals packed with healthy fats and omega-3s!

3. Get enough sleep!

When we sleep, our skin repairs itself from damage, inflammation and harmful chemicals it’s been exposed to throughout the day. Sleep also enhances collagen production, to prevent fine lines and signs of ageing.

If you’re not getting enough sleep, your skin can’t properly repair itself, heal wounds, or produce collagen – which can cause breakouts, increased fine lines, and skin damage.

Aim for 7-9 hours per night to keep your skin healthy and give it time to repair itself!

4. Nutrient Support

I love the ingredient Astaxanthin, which maintains and supports the firmness, integrity, structure, and health of your skin, as well as Vitamin C and Silica, which naturally boost collagen production, and improve skin strength and elasticity.

I also swear by hydrolysed marine collagen, shown to support skin hydration and elasticity in females, and assist with reducing skin wrinkles and fine lines.

I hope these tips help you nourish your skin!

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