Snack attack? Don’t let it sabotage your day

So many of us eat so well in the first half of the day. And then…

4 pm arrives.

Oh no. “All that hard work gone to waste,” I hear so many of my clients say. This is often “binge time.”

I believe it’s CRUCIAL to attend to this – for weight control and stable energy, moods and cravings. It also helps you build a healthier relationship with food.

We know that stable blood sugar really does do wonders for our health. So many people have the mentality that if they skip this crucial 4pm snack they are doing themselves a favor, but often what happens is that the hunger becomes too much to manage…and come 5, 6, or 7pm (dinner time) you find yourself unable to control how much you eat. You overeat. And you then berate yourself for overeating. You feel guilty. You feel like a failure. I get you.

This is both a physical and emotional cascade of events. Emotionally, you have the diet mentality and have been depriving your body. Your blood sugar has dropped, and this is so stressful for the body.

If you have a really wholesome, satiating and protein rich snack at this time, you will find that you can control how much you eat at dinner and AFTER DINNER.

I treat this snack time – usually 4 or 5 pm – as a mini meal. I commit to it. I sit down for 10 minutes in a calm state and eat it slowly and mindfully. This has changed my health.

Some of my favorite protein rich snacks:

  • Slim Down Smoothie
  • Greek yoghurt with cinnamon – add a tablespoon of protein powder if you wish
  • 1/4 cup raw nuts + sliced up carrot
  • Veggie sticks with 2 Tbsp. hummus/tahini
  • Boiled egg
  • Protein balls
  • Celery filled with almond butter
  • Sweet cottage cheese – mix 3-4 Tbsp. cottage cheese with stevia, cinnamon and vanilla powder

You really can beat the 4pm slump without sabotaging the rest of your day!


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