So I’ve been trying Jojoba + Rosehip oil and…

As a bride to be, I have been taking extra good care of my skin because I want to feel refreshed and glowing for my big day.

I’ll be getting married in December (which is just a month away!) and having been sent Jojoba’s 100% Natural Jojoba + Rosehip Oil to try out, I’ve been including it in my beauty routine for the last few weeks.

Every single night before bed I have been applying the oil to my face, neck and a little on my arms.

I have always had a scar on my neck and one on my stomach, so I’ve also been applying this oil to those spots and I have noticed they have faded immensely since using this product! I also had a few little bumps and red blemishes on my arms. As a bride to be, I really want my arms to be smooth and moisturised, so I’ve been applying it daily and guess what… the bumps have gone. I’m honestly amazed.

I did a bit of research on the product to write this, because I really was interested as to why and how it’s worked so well. For me, it’s really important that I know exactly what I put on my skin – so I can be honest about the ways it’s worked for me. Basically anything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies, so I love knowing that I can use a product that is 100% natural and so jam packed with nutrients.

I love putting it around my eye area, where I have a few small wrinkles and I have noticed they have faded too.

The product itself combines Jojoba and Rosehip oils together, allowing the oils to go deeper into the skin. As a nutritionist, I know it’s full of things that are so amazing for the skin. In particular, this product is high in antioxidants, naturally rich in essential fatty acids and high in Vitamins A, D, E – all the things I recommend people get in their diets for better skin!

My Mom also commented on my skin just yesterday, and noticed that it’s been looking clear and hydrated. It must be this new product that I’m using!

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