Social Media Boundaries Healed My Body

People are often surprised to learn the following about me:

I do not check my social media or email until at least half an hour after I wake up – post healthy morning routine (after I’ve woken up to a meditation, tea or lemon water and some downtime). Your body has just had a beautiful rest and I believe immediately checking your phone and email as your eyes open creates a stress response within the body and is causing modern day hormonal havoc and high cortisol levels.


I switch my phone off every single night at 6-7pm. This means email too (unless I have a work deadline). I have plenty of work and emails I could/should be attending to, but I’ve made a decision to put my health first. I have the entire day to be on my phone and email, so when the sun comes down it’s time for my body to prepare for rest. I believe social media stress is affecting sleep and is not allowing us to be our healthiest.

We living in an already stressful world, so we simply need to find ways to MANAGE stress. We need to set boundaries.

These two things have helped heal my body. Try them and please share with me how you feel!


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