7 tips to squash those post-dinner sugar cravings

Developed a taste for the sweet stuff? If you find yourself suffering from serious sugar cravings post-dinner, here are some of my favourite tips which have made a world of difference for me!

1. Avoid fruit in the afternoon

While I love fruit, I recommend enjoying it before lunchtime to avoid spiking your blood sugar levels. I’ve noticed those who eat fruit as a part of their afternoon snack are much more likely to suffer from sugar cravings later on at night. So avoid after 12pm if possible!

2. Eat a high protein snack in the afternoon

Enjoying a protein-rich snack each afternoon at 4-5pm helps to balance your blood sugar levels, and provides a slow release of energy – rather than a spike in blood sugar like fruit can cause! My favourite options are veggie sticks with hummus, a small handful of nuts, or Greek yoghurt with some cinnamon. Also, if you don’t eat regularly (and this includes snacking!), your blood sugar levels can become unbalanced, making it hard to control your food choices and portion sizes… So get snacking!

3. Cinnamon!

Research has shown just 1 tsp of cinnamon each day can help regulate blood sugar levels! Luckily for you, I’ve included cinnamon in my Metabolism + Sugar Support formula for this very reason! This vitamin is amazing for beating those cravings! It contains chromium, magnesium and zinc to boost metabolism and energy levels, and cinnamon and gymnema to support healthy blood sugar levels – and banish those pesky cravings! Cannot recommend enough!

4. Make your meals balanced

Include a mix of healthy fats, carbs and protein at each meal. This will ensure your meals are more satiating, keeping you fuller and more energised for longer, and will balance your blood sugar levels to prevent cravings after dinner!

5. Ensure you’re eating enough throughout the day

Often these nighttime cravings can be a sign that you haven’t eaten enough throughout the day! Make sure you’re eating regularly, having consistent meals and snacks to keep you full and energised.

6. Avoid packaged foods

These are high in hidden sugars, preservatives and trans fats, which only enhance those sugar cravings!

7. Consider your emotions!

Often cravings for sugar can stem from your emotions. Since we’ve been taught to associate sweet treats with joy, we sometimes think they’ll make us feel better if we’re sad, anxious or angry. But in reality, they actually often make us feel worse… I recommend opting for either a healthy version of your favourite treat or a cup of herbal tea instead, or even chatting to a friend or having a calming bath – these will actually hit the spot and meet your emotional needs!

You can do it, you can banish those sugar cravings and take control! I believe in you!

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