Struggling with “the B word”?

One of the most common things I hear from clients in clinic is that they struggle with the big, bad B word: bingeing. Through personal experience and from talking to clients, I’ve developed some top strategies I want to share with you.

Granted, all of these tips take practice. Just as the outlet of bingeing becomes habit, so too does the act of doing something else in response. It will take time. But know that each time you utilize one of these tools instead of a trip to the kitchen to soothe yourself, the closer you are to being binge-free. And you really can get there!

  • When you get home from your day at work/school, put down your bags and take a cold shower or hot bath. This calms down the frantic pace of the day so that you enter the kitchen with clarity of mind and make better choices. Food binges often occur out of franticness and panic.
  • Don’t deprive yourself. This is a surefire way to to get so hungry that a binge is inevitable. Keep your blood sugar stabilized with regular meals.
  • Treat yourself every week. Whether it’s a favourite dessert, or an activity. Do something else to treat yourself and to relax. It will put you in a different environment, and sometimes it’s exactly what you need in that moment.
  • Make sure you are health prepper. Get organized!
  • Tune into your body, what is going on for you in this moment…actually ask yourself, “how am I feeling right now?” You will find the answer comes to you with surprising ease. Find if you’re happy/sad/anxious/upset – and figure out how you can better deal with that emotion. Maybe a walk in nature? Call a friend?  Go for a massage? Talk to a therapist?
  • Enjoy YOU time. Incorporate rest each day – even 10 minutes will do. Read a chapter of your favorite book, relax with your legs up against the wall, or sit down to watch your favorite television show. It doesn’t matter what it is, as long as it’s something you find enjoyment in.


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