The Difference Between The JSHealth App And Program

I adore the JSHealth community and I truly feel blessed and grateful to be surrounded by such supportive, strong and enthusiastic people who are committed to living the healthy life.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I speak to the JSHealth community daily. Since launching the app last week, I’ve noticed that a lot of people are a little confused about the difference between the program and the app. I’ve written this blog post to clear up any confusion and help you decide what’s right for you.

Around two years ago I created the JSHealth 8-week Program. It still blows me away to see how much the program has changed people’s lives. I’m so proud of my JSHealth girls and this community. Then, around a year ago, I had an intense dream and the idea to create our very own app. After endless days and nights working tirelessly on the ultimate health app, we launched it last week.

If you’re having trouble deciding which option is best for you, please read through my run-down of each and feel free to get in touch if you have any further questions.


The 8-Week  Program

The 8-week program is a very in-depth online program that guides you through the JSHealth principles week by week. The program is specifically designed to help you quit fad diets and find balance with food and your life. This online program will help you reach your health goals over an 8-week period. The program can be accessed via a laptop or desktop. The program is very supportive, transformational and guided with specific recipes and weekly tasks. The program is more of life transformation guide. It suits people who love structure. Find our more details here.


The JSHealth App

The app is a much more user-friendly experience that offers total flexibility, keeping you easily on track from day to day.

The app contains a live nutrition clinic, where you can text a nutritionist from wherever are. This is a world’s first. This is the biggest point of difference.  We have a team of JSHealth nutritionists behind the computer supporting you. You also have access to 52 different health guides depending on what issues you may be struggling with.

The app is available to download on iTunes and is used on an iPhone. So, if you are someone who is busy, on the go and does not have much time to access information on a computer, this is the best way to fully live the JSHealth life.

The app gets regularly updated in the recipe section, the meal plan (updated weekly) and the body love section. This means you have a tool that can help you plan your weeks ahead, plus give you a wider variety of options and new ideas and inspiration for the kitchen. We give you as much support as you need. You also get sent notifications weekly to keep you on track.

You can read more about what the JSHealth App includes here. The 8-week Program is the best first step toward the healthy life and the app is perfect for living it fully.

I’d love to hear how you’re progressing with the healthy life.

All my love,



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