The JSHealth Movement: The Most Inspiring Results!

Seriously guys, week after week I receive such inspiring feedback from the JSHealth Program. Makes me so happy to see you all shining and healing your bodies by creating a healthy life!


“I am on Week 2 and I can’t believe I feel so much better already. No doubt there are many factors playing in here, but there’s something happening and shifting right now that I didn’t know was possible. I feel like me and my body are finally starting to work together, instead of me depleting it and my body just trying to keep me alive. I think the pre-meal meditation and gratitude practice have helped me immensely to heal the relationship I had with my body and food, and all of a sudden my anxieties and stress around food have disappeared. Of course I am aware that this might not always be so easy, but it’s refreshing for a change.”


“On my 3rd week! I’ve been following the meal plan more and more precisely as I keep incorporating new recipes and I’m loving it! It’s amazing to see how things are starting to shift, and I start to feel better as the days go by! My hubby has also been enjoying the new meals, now he asks for the signature smoothie every morning!”


“OMG I honestly feel much better. My sugar cravings are gone! Before I would eat three to four chocolate treats a day. This week I had chocolate only once! Can you believe it!?”


“Week 1 down! I’ve found it miraculously easy to cut down on my coffee intake, portion control and fit in some stress-free time (mainly walking, yoga and reading) – even just these small steps have already made a difference! For the first time in my life I actually feel like I’m starting down a path I can stick to, and can’t wait to do more work over the next 7 weeks to cement these habits for life!”


“Jess, I’m on week 4 and this menu structure you’ve done has made this SO SO SO DAMN EASY for me now! I literally feel even less anxious because it’s planned out and just so easy to navigate! Excited! Thank you thank you thank you”


“Love it! For someone who has had an unhealthy relationship with food, I haven’t binged or felt the need to at all this week! Following the plan means I’m less stressed knowing I will be having delicious food”



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