The New Food Pyramid

I recently had the privilege of helping some of Australia’s top nutritionists brainstorm and develop a modern alternative to outdated 1970’s nutrition recommendations. I’m pleased to present The New Food Pyramid – take a look at the before and after. One of the biggest differences? Vegetables make up the foundation!  What are your thoughts? Do you support this new pyramid?

The New Food Pyramid

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  • B

    Hi Jess,

    I was very intrigued to see this article, I jumped straight to your blog after seeing it on your instagram, refreshing your page until the article came up.
    Finally a food pyramid that I feel relates to our new understanding and knowledge on food and nutrition.
    I love that the base of this pyramid is beautiful fresh vegetables – the colour of the rainbow. Not only do vegetables offer an array of minerals and vitamins we require, but they also support a more sustainable diet, as we need to begin to incorporate the health and well being of the earth if we want to continue to live off the beautiful and vibrant food it offers and allows us to use.
    To add on to this topic of a sustainable diet, I thoroughly enjoyed the emphasis on plant based proteins, whilst I am certainly no vegetarian, I think its important for people to learn that there are other important sources of protein other than animals that we can eat.

    Thanks for sharing

  • I think fruit should be way lower in the pyramid, right after veggies! Sure, fruit has a lot of sugar, but it’s all natural. I think it depends on the person’s body type, but I personally eat TONS of fruit every day and am very healthy & thin. Fruit also helps curve cravings for other non-healthy sweets; I eat so much fruit that I hardly ever crave other sweets!

  • Sammie

    Loveeeee this food pyramid!! makes way more sense then the previous one

  • Emma

    Hell yes I support it! Maybe apart from the So Good. Much better representation of healthy eating.
    Maybe if this was more recognised people wouldn’t ask “but what DO you eat?” When I tell them I’m a vegan.

  • Annemarie

    Beautifull! 🙂

  • Bella

    I think we should be having more fruit then carbs, they are way more nutrient dense!!

  • I think it’s a very exciting approach to see, especially when paleo, high-fat or high-protein diets are on many peoples plates! I see many who totally miss the whole concept of a healthy eating. Not that I’m here to judge, but some easily gets caught up in the fat/protein-thing that they seem to forget about veggies and greens.


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